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Commercial Cleaning Jobs Near Grand Rapids, Michigan

The cleaning industry is a key contributor to the health and safety of every business facility. At Corporate Cleaning & Facility Services, we specialize in creating clean, sanitized spaces for commercial customers. 

If you’re interested in commercial cleaning work with an industry-leading company, Corporate Cleaning & Facility Services has many full-time and part-time positions available. 


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At Corporate Cleaning & Facility Services, we’re always looking to fill office cleaning jobs and other full-time and part-time commercial cleaning positions.

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About Corporate Cleaning & Facility Services

Corporate Cleaning & Facility Services is a cleaning company based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We serve commercial businesses in Grand Rapids, Zeeland, Holland, Byron Center, Hudsonville and the surrounding areas. We have more than 40 years of commercial cleaning expertise, and we maintain a team of experienced, trustworthy and dedicated cleaning professionals. If that sounds like you, get in touch!

We provide cleaning services for schools, corporate offices, small businesses, health care facilities, government buildings and other commercial spaces in the Grand Rapids area. We use top-of-the-line equipment and cleaning protocols to deliver the highest quality services and tackle even the most challenging cleaning requirements.

Our Cleaning Services

Our commercial cleaning specialties include:

Why Choose a Commercial Cleaning Job?

Commercial cleaning jobs are high in demand. Companies must have a clean facility to do business in, and they need talented cleaners to get the job done. The same goes for spaces like schools and hospitals.

Working in the cleaning industry also gives you a valuable skill set. You develop keen attention to detail, allowing you to provide exceptional service. You also enhance your problem-solving and leadership skills as you tackle issues that arise and coordinate with your co-workers. A commercial cleaning job also gives you valuable insight into the best cleaning practices that you can use in your own personal life.


Why Work for Us?

When you work for Corporate Cleaning & Facility Services, you’ll gain valuable experience every day. You’ll get to work on a wide range of projects in various industries, expanding your knowledge and expertise. Some of the many perks of working for us include:

  • Competitive compensation: We offer very competitive pay rates that go beyond industry standards. Our goal is to enrich our employees’ lives both personally and professionally.
  • World-class training: We provide comprehensive training to help you excel in your position. Our training covers cleaning methods, safety protocols, building security and other essential information. We continually update our training to keep up with all the latest industry innovations.
  • Career growth: At Corporate Cleaning & Facility Services, we want to see you grow and succeed. We offer the opportunities and support you need to advance in your career and grow with our company.
  • A collaborative environment: You’ll thrive in our collaborative work environment. We encourage you to present your ideas and take a hands-on approach to bring them to life. You can count on support from your colleagues and managers to achieve your goals


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