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Are you looking for commercial cleaning for your auto dealership in Grand Rapids? You’re in luck! We offer all of the car dealership custodial services you will ever need. If you’re not sure if your auto shop needs commercial cleaning, we’re here to explain why we recommend it.

When your customers are shopping for a car, they expect shiny and new. If your restrooms, showroom floor, service department and offices don’t match, what does that leave them thinking? Don’t let the cleanliness of your facility put doubt in your buyer’s mind; hire Corporate Cleaning & Facility Services, Inc. for a dealership that shines!

We offer a plethora of auto dealership cleaning services in the Grand Rapids area. If you’re looking to take your car showroom cleanliness to the next level, we’re here to help.

Corporate Cleaning & Facility Services, Inc. Excels in Commercial Cleaning for Auto Dealerships.

Start your day knowing the experts in the car dealership cleaning industry have taken care of every detail to make sure your dealership is ready to go the moment you open the doors. Ask us for referrals! Our clients continue to give us rave reviews.

We’re 100 percent committed to delivering an unmatched customer experience. Our team of expertly trained professionals is passionate about their work and your overall happiness.

Car Dealership Cleaning Services in Kent County, MI

Corporate Cleaning & Facility Services, Inc. is proud to provide commercial cleaning for car dealers in the Grand Rapids area. If you need someone to come in and inspect your floors, we’re happy to do so. Once we’ve taken a look, we’ll get right into dealership cleaning. We clean everything from stone to carpet flooring. Depending on the size and area of your car dealership, we will recommend a custom-fit solution specifically for your business.

Our commercial car dealership cleaning in the Grand Rapids areas is fast, effective and affordable. We also offer custom dealership cleaning services for miscellaneous items as well. If you are looking to have a full cleaning of your car dealership and accompanying offices, we have you covered. In addition to shining your floors, we also offer carpet, rugs, tile & grout, rubber floor, wood floor and stone floor cleaning services. We’re your one-stop-shop for all of your car dealership cleaning services for your Grand Rapids location.

Keeping your car dealership floors shining is more important than you might think. Since we’re in the business of helping other businesses perform to their top capabilities, it’s essential to us that you understand how clean floors can impact your sales numbers.

How Shiny Floors Impact Your Auto Sales

Shiny floors can lead to higher sales by improving the customers’ impression of quality. Seeing as you keep the cars in your dealership shining, your floors should be, too. Extra clean floors will help your cars stand out even more. Here are the top two ways gleaming floors can impact your sales:

  1. Floor Shine Affects Car ShineYou keep your cars shiny to attract your buyers. Your floors should do the same. If your floors are scuffed and dull, they will detract from your showcase cars. All that work you put into making your cars gleam will go down the drain if your customers’ eyes catch on a stain or spot on your showroom floor. The best way to avoid such a disaster is to use our car dealership custodial services in Grand Rapids.
  2. Dirty Floors Do Not Convey Quality: Dirty floors signal unclean work conditions and less than adequate upkeep. When you’re in the business of selling a high-ticket item, it’s important to demonstrate your commitment to providing a high-ticket experience. Dirty or dusty floors in the car showroom will turn your buyers off. It’s safe to say the cars you’re selling are high quality, so it’s important your floors are high quality, too. Plus, cleaner floors last longer and can save you money in the long run. So why not work with us to keep your floors in top condition now?

What defines a clean facility is the attention to detail. Our Corporate Cleaning & Facility Services, Inc. personnel get the detail. Your large showroom, coffee station, restrooms, service department, and your heavily used linoleum or tile and grout flooring be assured that we do not overlook anything. When we’re cleaning an auto dealership, our signature commercial-cleaning procedures and materials all focus on keeping your employees and customers safe and healthy.

Car Dealership Maintenance Bay Cleaning Services in Grand Rapids, MI

Keeping your bay floor maintained and thoroughly cleaned is key to the success of your auto dealership. To do so, you need to enlist the right car dealership cleaning company in Grand Rapids. Corporate Cleaning & Facility Services, Inc. has been providing commercial cleaning for auto dealership service bays for over four decades. No matter what kind of cleaning you need, or when you need it, we have you covered. Keeping your bay floor clean and maintained can help impress your customers as well as your employees.

How a Clean Maintenance Bay Affects Your Bottom Line

If you’re wondering how maintaining your bay affects your bottom line, we’ve outlined two major reasons below:

  • A clean bay helps prevent accidents slip-and-fall accidents: Dirty bay floors can get slippery, which can lead to falls and injuries. If technicians are injured, it’s possible they could be unable to work for an extended period. To protect your technicians from injury and avoid a decrease in your bottom line, hire us for your car dealership cleaning needs at your Grand Rapids location.
  • A clean bay creates a healthy work environment for technicians: In addition to the potential for slips and falls, dirty bay floors can create unhealthy conditions for your employees. Dust and other debris can cause health problems such as difficulty breathing. Let your technicians do their best work possible with clean floors throughout your facility.

Guaranteed Car Dealership Cleaning Services in Grand Rapids

At Corporate Cleaning & Facility Services, Inc., we hold ourselves to high standards with floor care. When you hire us, you can expect the following benefits every time:

Certified Green Chemicals: You health matters to us. That’s why we use certified green chemicals. Less harmful cleaning solutions will improve the air quality inside your auto dealership in Grand Rapids and leave your floors shining.

  1. Reusable Microfiber Towels: We don’t stop at green cleaning solutions, our cleaning practices are sustainable, too! We utilize reusable microfiber towels that allow us to decrease our contribution to landfills. We also recommend them to our clients for in-between spot cleaning. They work like magic.
  2. HEPA filtration vacuums: Our HEPA filtration vacuums will leave your floor looking brand new. With their innovative and complex filter systems, you’ll see a noticeable change in how clean they look.
  3. 100% post-consumer recycled tools: We recycle all of our tools. Our premium quality equipment is meant to last longer. Your business helps our commitment to green cleaning services thrive.
  4. Quality checks. To provide the best customer service, we perform regular quality checks throughout our cleaning process and we won’t bill you until we make sure you’re happy with the work.

We’re Committed to Quality

Our high-quality equipment and professionalism keep your building looking good. And that is what business is all about. We know that first impressions matter, so we make sure that whatever car dealership cleaning service we perform will reflect well on you. For this reason, we continuously invest in the latest innovations and stay up-to-date on emerging cleaning products and methods. In the four decades, we have served the Grand Rapids community, we have always striven to be leaders in commercial janitorial cleaning services and floor cleaning industries.

Call us today for a free quote and to walk through your facility. We would appreciate the chance to talk with you about everything we do and how we can keep your commercial space looking amazing. We can even introduce you to new ways to keep your facility in tiptop shape and avoid overspending on capital expenditures like buying and installing new carpets or other flooring.

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Why Choose Us For Your Car Dealership Custodial Services?

  • Green Means Go: Our green services are standard- from certified green chemicals, reusable microfiber towels, HEPA filtration vacuums, 100% post-consumer recycled tools and materials all suitable for LEED certified buildings.
  • Trademark Reliability: Our employees are uniformed, badged, and have an aptitude for security- you can be confident that your dealership image and inventory is safe when Corporate Cleaning & Facility Services, Inc. is your car dealership cleaning company!
  • We are bonded and insured: Every one of our personnel is fully covered by our Workers Compensation, Liability and Bond insurance programs.
  • Quality Guaranteed: We continue to perform quality checks at your dealership on a regular basis and assess our performance through our state of the art software and quality control procedures.

Request a free custom cleaning estimate by filling out our form today. You can also contact us if you have any questions or need additional assistance!