Commercial Cleaning Services in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Founded in 2004, Corporate Clean Services provides top-quality professional commercial cleaning services throughout the Grand Rapids, Michigan area. Our cleaning and professional custodial options are designed to deliver convenient solutions for your business in or near Grand Rapids, MI.

Whether you need quality cleaning and disinfection of your school’s gym, office buildings, restaurant, healthcare facility or any other commercial space, turn to Corporate Clean Services serving the Grand Rapids area. We will work closely with you to ensure we meet your needs and stay within budget. Our highly trained team uses the most innovative cleaning methods and systems to keep your business clean, safe and smelling fresh.

Cleaning and Disinfection Services in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Before performing any of our professional cleaning services, we take time to discuss your needs and provide customized options that meet your requirements. We will also stay in touch throughout the process to ensure we meet and exceed your expectations while getting your facility clean.

Our services include:

  • Custodial & JanitorialOur team can perform reliable general cleaning with our custodial and janitorial services. Our janitorial services in Grand Rapids include everything from cleaning all visible hard surfaces in your facility to removing smudges from windows.
  • Commercial Window CleaningWith our state-of-the-art cleaning equipment, we can offer window washing for both interior and exterior windows up to four stories high. In addition to cleaning the glass, our team can wash and dry the screens and clean the frames, sills and ledges for a spotless finish.
  • Carpet CleaningTo remove dirt and allergens from your carpeted floors, we use our proprietary wet extraction system, hot water extraction process and dry encapsulation system. After our carpet cleaning, your carpets will look cleaner, brighter and last longer.
  • Tile & Grout Cleaning: Instead of replacing stained tile and grout, we can utilize our specialty processes to restore these surfaces. We also offer grout dyeing to deepen the color.
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  • Upholstery CleaningOur team specializes in textiles, and we handle everything from chairs to loveseats with care during cleaning. We can also deep clean cubicle walls and panels.
  • Hard Floor CleaningTo keep your hard floors spotless, we offer monthly maintenance programs for hard floor care. You can also request a carnauba wax treatment to help your wood floors shine.
  • Total Building DisinfectionMany facilities, especially athletic and medical buildings, can be filled with unseen germs and need a deep cleaning. With our Clorox Total 360 system, our team will neutralize bacteria to keep your personnel and visitors safe.
  • Difficult and Unusual Cleaning Projects: Even if your building has unusual surfaces or hard-to-clean areas, our team will determine the best solution to give any surface in your building a thorough cleaning.

Contact Corporate Clean Services Today

At Corporate Clean Services, we are dedicated to meeting and exceeding your expectations with high-quality West Michigan commercial cleaning and disinfecting services and an exceptional attention to detail. We offer cleaning and janitorial services, window cleaning, office cleaning, and many other services to keep your commercial space spotless. We will never send a bill until we perform a follow-up discussion and verify that you are completely satisfied.

If you have any questions about our Grand Rapids commercial cleaning services, our team is here to help. Reach out to us today to speak with our expert team and request a free cleaning quote for any of our services.