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Floor Stripping & Refinishing

When it comes to your floors looking amazing we can help. We specialize and built our business around speciality floor care. Whether is common tile (VCT or LVT), concrete, wood, rubber or linoleum we can strip it, sand it, polish it, coat it and finish it!
Floor Stripping
Epoxy Preparation

Epoxy Preparation & Application

We offer the very best in epoxy commercial flooring. We focus in floor coatings for Commercial/Industrial Flooring requirements such as warehouses, mechanic shops, and showrooms and dealerships. Corporate Clean Services, Inc. employs a cutting edge, epoxy floor-coating solution that creates the most-brilliant shine while far exceeding the resilience standards of most-flooring products. Corporate Clean Services, Inc. Surface Prep uses only industrial-grade epoxy floor coating products. There are considerable differences between the consumer-grade epoxies and the products we use. Our unique floor coating system is an outstanding value once compared to other flooring systems. Corporate Clean Services, Inc. epoxy floors feature usually a one day install, durable gloss finish, superior abrasion resistance, ready in 24 hours, easy to maintain and we show you how to maintain for a long lasting finish.

Cement Polishing

Corporate Clean Services, Inc. has the tools and knowledge to turn your concrete floor into a shining work of art! We start with our expert surface prep techniques to help in ensuring the best possible restoration of your old concrete floor. We use diamond polishing to bring the concrete to a shiny, glossy surface that never needs to be waxed. We can dye the floors with a wide range of colors, ranging from calm earth tones to vibrant colors. Corporate Clean Services, Inc. crews are trained by major polishing system manufacturers. We have successfully polished floors in schools, hospitals, retail stores and industrial facilities. A well done blend from edges to middle of floor is what sets the pros at Corporate Clean Services, Inc. apart from the rest. We are confident that we can make your concrete floor look amazing. Polished floors are easy to take care of and clean, while providing a durable and long lasting surface. Polished concrete floors are ideal for areas such as large warehouse floors, retail stores, hotels and restaurants, office buildings, auto showrooms and even residences. A great cost effective and beautiful alternative to marble, granite, tile, linoleum or coatings; it’s also environmentally friendly!
Cement Polishing in Warehouse
Wet Scrubbing in Retail Store

Wet Scrubbing

The most basic step in taking care of floors is…keeping them clean! Our trained floor technicians will combine the right chemical and machine to get the best possible results for rubber, VCT, LVT, terrazzo, stone, or cement floors.

Wood Floor Care

Corporate Clean Services, inc. can maintain the appearance of your wood floor without Stripping and Re-coating. Our maintenance plan for wood floors depends on traffic of your facility but we usually recommend periodic maintenance of your wood floor to maintain a nice finish and to protect the floors.  (Insert this new text please). Wood floor care is multi-dimensional;
  • the surface must be kept clean from abrasive grit and particulate
  • the surface coating (urethane, oils, stains, varnish) must be maintained
  • the sub-surface may even need to be treated and cleaned (deep marks and scuffs).
We are “old school” with wood floor care
  • we use solvent based cleaners because water can damage wood
  • we use carnauba wax based products to protect and condition the wood
Hardwood Floor Care