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All commercial floor surfaces are unique. A single business usually includes a myriad of flooring types, including hard floors such as concrete, wood, rubber, tile or laminate. Many hallways, entryways, restrooms, break rooms, kitchen areas, employee workspaces and customer-facing locations in your business are likely covered in hard floors. Eventually, those hard floors become soiled and stained due to time and traffic.

Corporate Cleaning & Facility Services in Grand Rapids can work with you to develop a customized floor care plan to deep-clean even your most soiled hard floors. By leveraging our more than 40 years as a hardwood floor cleaning company in Kent County and Grand Rapids, we can confidently address all situations, even those that seem impossible such as heavily stained grout.

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Commercial Hard Floor Care Cleans What
You Can’t See

Depending upon the color, texture and type of hard floor your commercial space has, you may not immediately notice how dirty your floors are. Hard floors can hide dirt, soil, stains and debris for a long time. The grout between your tile can start to deteriorate due to microbial dirt and foot traffic wearing your grout and causing it to deteriorate and break loose.

The best time to contact a commercial floor care service provider is before you get to the point of feeling embarrassed about the way your hard floors look to workers, shoppers, vendors, volunteers and investors. For that reason, we highly recommend that during our initial discussions you consider developing an ongoing deep floor cleaning strategy. This will help you extend the lifespan of your floors and ensure they do not get visibly dirty.

Of course, if your hard floors are already at that point, we welcome the chance to restoratively clean them! One of our philosophies of commercial floor cleaning is that no floor cleaning issue is too tough for us to tackle. In fact, we have revived all types of floors that clients thought were unsalvageable. If you need hard floor care in Zeeland, Holland, or anywhere in the Grand Rapids area, contact us today to start the process of improving the quality of your hard floors and getting them back to like-new condition.

Stretch Your Capital Investment Dollars With Commercial Floor Cleaning Services In Grand Rapids

Paying for new flooring costs quite a bit of money. Why spend tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars to replace when you can simply refresh your hard floor surfaces? Before calling a commercial floor manufacturer or installer, talk to Corporate Cleaning & Facility Services. We offer free walk-throughs to get an understanding of the needs of your job. Then we supply you with our professional advice. You might be surprised at how often we can help businesses avoid the cost and headache of removing and re-installing floors throughout their spaces.

And yes, this includes even the dirtiest restroom facility grout and tile. Instead of assuming that you will have to rip up all the tile and grout in your public and private bathrooms, take comfort knowing that Commercial Clean Services is here for you. Our professional hard floor cleaning services in Grand Rapids include the ability to restore tile and grout in ways you may never have imagined. No more unpleasant odors emanating from grout. No more ugly grout lines between tiles. Just a fresh, beautiful tile floor you can proudly show off.

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Advantages to Hard Commercial Floor Care Services in Hudsonville, Grand Rapids & Beyond

When you work with Corporate Cleaning & Facility​ Services, you’re giving your business access to the many advantages of working with a leader in the commercial flooring cleaning space in Grand Rapids.


  • Cost-effectiveness. Keeping your floors clean is one of the smartest ways you can avoid future headaches. Why pay thousands to replace your floors when deep cleaning can keep them performing at the highest level?
  • Elevated branding. You work hard to create a brand image that positively reflects your company. Let us help you enhance that brand with hard floors that wow everyone who sees them.
  • Improved air quality. It just makes sense that tidy, sanitized, super-clean floors will have a lasting effect on the indoor air quality (IAQ) of even your busiest spaces. If improving IAQ is important to you, call Corporate Cleaning & Facility Services, the top hardwood floor cleaning company in Grand Rapids.
  • Increased morale. Did you know that having a bright, clean facility is a boost to employee and client morale? Cut down on absenteeism and improve productivity by offering your team members and visitors a beautiful, showroom-quality floor.

What to Expect From a Customized Commercial Floor Care Plan in Grand Rapids & Beyond

During our first visit to your facility, we will thoroughly examine each commercial hard floor area to be cleaned. After taking into consideration everything from the soil level of the floor to the traffic patterns, we will create a customized plan to present to you. Our plans are built around more than four decades of expertise in the business of commercial floor care in Grand Rapids. When you decide to partner with us, we will set the plan in action and work diligently to exceed your expectations.

Talk to us today and receive a free estimate for floor care in the Byron Center, Holland or anywhere in the Grand Rapids area. We look forward to providing you with the exceptional commercial floor care you deserve.


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