Conmmercial Cleaning Subcontract Services Near Grand Rapids, Michigan

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Expanding your custodial offerings can boost your company’s demand with businesses. When clients can engage your services to complete multiple tasks, including commercial window or carpet cleaning, they are more likely to retain your services in the future. The more convenient you make your offerings for them, the more valued your company will become. The only problem is that you might not have the time, money or staff to give all those custodial tasks the attention they deserve.

The solution is working with a commercial cleaning company that subcontracts, such as Corporate Cleaning & Facility Services. We offer subcontractors for your cleaning business who can step in immediately and handle any tasks you request from them. Above all else, our experienced staff cares about doing the best possible job. We know that our sub-contract cleaning work makes you look good, too so we strive to represent your company well when we’re on an assignment.

We work hard to make your business appear responsible and efficient. Our subcontracting services are ideal for companies that want to feel comfortable increasing their services or covering a wider area. We’re here to help you achieve your business goals with our practical assistance.


What Services Do Our Commercial Cleaning Subcontractors Offer?

Our team receives extensive training in professional cleaning techniques. We’re available to help with your most unique and challenging projects, including:

  • Handling detail work, such as grout and tile cleaning
  • Cleaning exterior windows up to four floors high
  • Stripping and waxing hardwood floors
  • Performing deep cleans on a variety of buildings, including warehouses

We also train our employees to help clean various types of businesses, from manufacturing facilities to restaurants and car dealerships.

Why Choose Our Commercial Cleaning Subcontract Services?

Deciding to use subcontractors for your cleaning business frees you up to do the necessary work to grow your business. You can focus on areas that will help your company thrive, including marketing, management and networking. When you partner with our reliable workers, you can feel confident knowing that your clients will receive the level of service they deserve. The advantages of hiring subcontractors from Corporate Cleaning & Facility Services include:

  • Personalized service. We speak to everyone who uses our services and carefully determine how to help them best.
  • Open lines of communication. You can talk to us whenever you need to about service adjustments or plan changes. We’re always open to opportunities to improve the assistance we offer.
  • Experience and knowledge. Our team has helped countless other clients in your situation, and we know how to handle the distinct challenges and rewards of subcontracting.

We pride ourselves on providing world-class service. We want you to succeed, and our subcontractors will strive to help you do so. Our customers always come first. As our relationship evolves, our team will keep your changing needs in mind. We can’t wait to see how far your company can go with our support behind you.

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We do the dirty work for you! Using our services will help you meet your highest goals and expand your business without overcommitting yourself and your staff. You can feel good about working with us because we take our responsibility seriously. We know that your success is our success.

Call or contact us for more information about how we can turn your custodial company into a full-service company profitably! Get in touch with us today to discuss our sub-contract cleaning work.