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Walkout mats, or entrance floor mats, are usually installed outside the door or inside the main entrance of a building. For this reason, walkout mats can be referred to as outdoor mats or interior mats. The primary purpose of walkout mats is to absorb moisture, dirt and other debris from employees or customers as they enter a building.

At Corporate Cleaning & Facility Serviceswe can save your company money by providing high-quality waterhog mats that hold more soil and dirt. We also offer superior walkout mat cleaning services for health care facilities, hospitals, schools and other commercial buildings in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

Providing and Maintaining Waterhog Floor Mats

Waterhog mats are one of the most popular walkout floor mats because they can hold up to 1.5 gallons of moisture per square yard. Whether people track in rain, sleet, snow or hail when they enter a building, this mat can absorb a significant amount of moisture.

However, it’s difficult to keep waterhog mats clean, as they’re constantly picking up dirt, mud, water and more. Corporate Cleaning & Facility Services will pick up and clean your waterhog mats, so they look as good as new. We’ll even provide waterhog mats if your company doesn’t already have some and needs a way to keep floors clean. Our commercial floor mat cleaning is just what you need to make sure your absorbent mats do their job and show guests you care about the cleanliness of your building.

Benefits of Using Walkout Mats

In addition to protecting your company’s floors from excess moisture, walkout mats prevent floor damage due to the buildup of salt and slush. Residual water and debris from snow, slush, road salt, soil and mud can warp and stain walking surfaces, including hardwood, vinyl and laminate flooring. Swelling of the floorboards as well as mold and mildew growth can occur due to a large number of individuals tracking in unwanted deposits.

The number one enemy of flooring materials is soil because of the damage caused by eroding the surface of the floor, keeping it out is paramount to a successful program.

Studies indicate that five feet of walk off mat will reduce 33 percent of the soil entering into a building, and 25 feet of walk off mat will reduce almost all of the soil entering a building. We can save your company money by providing you with high-quality waterhog mats that hold more soil and dirt.

Additional benefits of waterhog walkout mats include:

  • Flooring protection
  • Increased floor safety
  • Serviced by professional technicians
  • Keep your building clean and dry
  • Aesthetically pleasing

Commercial Floor Mat Cleaning Services Near Grand Rapids, Michigan

A clean facility for patrons and employees is essential for your company or organization to thrive. At Corporate Clean Services, we offer high-quality commercial floor mat services that are completely customized to your needs. Our experienced professionals provide world-class service and specialize in removing all types of smells, spots, mold and chemical and fragrant sensitivity. We also offer concierge pickup and delivery service to clean your mats.

Walkout mat cleaning services improve the appearance of your commercial space, ensure a healthy, clean environment and prolong the life of the mat. Our customers who have switched from a monthly mat cleaning service to a high-quality mat and yearly or bi-annual cleaning service have said they’ve saved hundreds of dollars.

Whether you own or work in a health care facility, school or local business, we offer a variety of commercial walkout mat cleaning services, including:

  • Hot water extraction process: We use equipment that disperses hot water and cleaning solutions while sucking up debris through a vacuum with an extraction hose from a hot water truck.
  • Proprietary wet extraction system: We go above and beyond traditional mat cleaning systems with a proprietary system that uses a combination of speed drying, neutral chemicals, agitation, vacuum extraction, agitation and hot water extractions.
  • Dry encapsulation system: Because our machines use low moisture systems, they can offer drying solutions for your business within 24 hours. Our team preps heavily soiled areas with pretreatments and cleaners that break up dirt and salt and remove grease. We also use green cleaning machines and state-of-the-art equipment for all projects.

We’re Committed to Quality

Our high-quality equipment and professionalism keep your building looking good. And that is what business is all about. We know that first impressions matter, so we make sure that whatever custodial services we perform will reflect well on you. For this reason, we continuously invest in the latest innovations and stay up-to-date on emerging cleaning products and methods. In the four decades, we have served the Grand Rapids community, we have always striven to be leaders in commercial janitorial cleaning services and floor cleaning industries.

Call us today for a free quote and to walk through your facility. We would appreciate the chance to talk with you about everything we do and how we can keep your commercial space looking amazing. We can even introduce you to new ways to keep your facility in tiptop shape and avoid overspending on capital expenditures like buying and installing new carpets or other flooring.

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For over four decades, Corporate Clean Services has offered world-class commercial cleaning services that exceed expectations. We strive to keep your mats sterile even after the initial cleaning. Our LikeNew™ carpet maintenance program ensures all carpets and mats are continually fresh.

Corporate Clean Services remains one of the only cleaning services in Grand Rapids, Michigan that performs ongoing quality control inspections. If your flooring has suffered from excess salt, dirt or moisture, we offer deep cleaning for carpets, tile and grout cleaning services as well as hard floor cleaning.

Contact us today for more information on our commercial floor mat cleaning services or a free quote for your facility.

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