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Customized Cleaning Regimen

Safety first

Corporate Cleaning & Facility Services, Inc. provides services for manufacturing facilities in the greater Grand Rapids, MI area. We understand the need to work closely with facility management and tailor our services to your needs. We have the expertise to provide a wide range of services for your facility. In fact, we have spent more than 40 years building our reputation as an industrial facility cleaning services provider you can trust. Each of our technicians is passionate about getting your facility as clean as possible.

Professional Industrial & Manufacturing Cleaning Services in Grand Rapids

During our decades in business, we have been privileged to be the industrial janitorial services provider of choice for many manufacturers. Some of the types of facilities we have expertise in cleaning include:

  • Data & Communication Centers
  • Food Processing Plants
  • Logistics & Warehouses
  • Manufacturing and Industrial Facilities

Of course, we would be happy to add your manufacturing niche to our list! Just call us to arrange a bid for manufacturing custodial services in Grand Rapids or the surrounding area. We have the capacity to run 3 shifts, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Customized Janitorial Services for Manufacturing & Industrial Facilities

We realize that different facilities have different needs. A one size-fits-all approach is simply not a good solution. We customize your facitlities cleaning regimen to work with your specific needs.

What is the process like? First, we will come to your location around Grand Rapids to find out what type of industrial janitorial cleaning you need. From our initial visit, we will create a quote for our work. Remember that if you already have facilities management personnel, we are happy to coordinate our processes and visits with them. This keeps all your janitorial services working together.

When we come to see your space, feel free to show us around all your areas. Many times, warehouse floors, storage spaces and other spots are neglected during daily or weekly cleanings. We can get those locations back to prime condition and remove all the dirt, debris, pathogens and build-up that may be hurting your facility’s indoor air quality.

Some of the spaces we regularly clean for our janitorial service clients include:

For each space, we use the highest quality products and state-of-the-art equipment to deliver a clean you can see and feel. Find out how Corporate Cleaning & Facility Services can transform the way your manufacturing facility looks both inside and outside.

Contact us today and we’ll help you come up with a facilities cleaning strategy that’s tailor-made for your organization.

Our Industrial Janitorial and Facility Cleaning Services in Grand Rapids

Our goal is to thoroughly address all the cleaning needs of your manufacturing or industrial space. To achieve that objective, we offer a menu of cleaning and restorative services to augment our basic janitorial services.

  • Hard floor cleaningWhen most people think of manufacturers, they picture cement or other types of hard floors. We specialize in getting dirt and stains out of any kind of hard flooring, whether it is made of poured concrete, rubber, laminate or some other material. When we visit for an initial walk-through, we can talk more about industrial floor cleaning services recommendations based on your space.
  • Carpet cleaning. Not every space in your manufacturing plant or industrial facility has hard floors. Many manufacturers have carpeted areas where employees work, meetings are held and visitors wait. Your carpets are bound to get dirty, especially as people walk from location to location. By deep cleaning all your carpets through hot water, steam or dry encapsulation methods, you can extend their lifespan and reduce your need to replace them frequently.
  • Textile and upholstery cleaningDo you have cubicles in areas of your manufacturing building? Maybe upholstered furniture in meeting spaces or as window treatments? Be certain that those items are addressed at least once or twice annually. Dirty textiles and upholstered surfaces can help spread germs and bacteria, which can lead to a “sick” workplace.
  • Tile and grout cleaningPerhaps you have tile and grout in your private and public bathrooms. You may even have installed this popular type of flooring in your breakrooms, kitchen, lobby or hallways. Tile and grout cleaning requires a particular set of processes and solutions to lift stains and renew dirty, unpleasant-smelling grout. Trust our years of expertise to make your tile and grout come alive again without having to pay for brand new floors.
  • Window cleaningMany industrial locations in Grand Rapids and surrounding communities feature large windows. Windows open up the interior of the plant to the outside, as well as let in natural light. However, they can very quickly become marred by everything from everyday dirt to soot. Make sure you are getting the most out of all your windows and skylights by making window cleaning part of your industrial facilities cleaning services preventative maintenance plan.
  • Ceiling cleaning. Hot air, dirt, particles, germs, dust and allergens all float upwards. Eventually, they end up clinging to your ceiling. If you have never had your industrial ceiling cleaned, or if it’s been many years, let Corporate Cleaning & Facility Services in Grand Rapids help. We would be more than pleased to provide you with an estimate for ceiling cleaning. No matter what kind of ceilings you have, we have the desire to scrub them.
  • Unusual spaces and surfaces cleaningThink that you have an impossible surface for us to revitalize, restore or deep clean? You might be surprised. Not only have we been able to breathe life back into ceilings that clients thought were well past their prime, but we have even figured out how to remove epoxy from hard floors safely.

Custom Cleaning Strategy For Your Facility

If you don’t see what you need in our list of services, don’t worry! We will work with you to develop a custom cleaning schedule to meet the unique needs of your business and workspace.

Contact Corporate Cleaning & Facility Services now to schedule your first visit. Remember that our bids are both free and no-obligation. We are certain that you will be impressed with our devotion to exceeding customers’ expectations on time, every time.

Keep Your Facility Clean and Safe

Did you know that keeping your facility as clean as possible can lead to many benefits? A neat, organized, safe manufacturing facility will help you gain many benefits. These include:

  • Reduced costs on replacement floors, ceilings, etc. Why should you have to continue to break your budget each year? Many times, we can clean a surface to the point that it looks like new. This saves you money in the short-term and the long run. Prevention is always cheaper than intervention.
  • Improved workplace morale. Employees would rather come to work in a place that they feel good about. A clean facility attracts high-quality job candidates and encourages them to stick around.
  • Better first impressions. Would you like all your first impressions with buyers, clients and investors to be positive? A good starting point is to ensure that your facility is always sanitized and disinfected.
  • Improved working environment. Safety is important to you. Show your workers you want them to stay healthy by keeping your manufacturing plant clean via our custodial and janitorial services.
  • Lowered risk of illness related to poorly sanitized surfaces. This is especially important if you are in the medical or food industry.
  • Lowered risk of illness related to airborne pathogens. Let our high-quality cleaning crews use their products and equipment to help improve the indoor air quality at your manufacturing facility.
  • Decreased risk of slips and falls. The faster messes are cleaned up or even averted, the safer your business will be for workers, purchasers, vendors and visitors. Let us know when we get together if you need special attention in any critical areas that tend to get slippery or excessively dirty.

We’re Committed to Quality

Our high-quality equipment and professionalism keep your building looking good. And that is what business is all about. We know that first impressions matter, so we make sure that whatever custodial services we perform will reflect well on you. For this reason, we continuously invest in the latest innovations and stay up-to-date on emerging cleaning products and methods. In the four decades, we have served the Grand Rapids community, we have always striven to be leaders in commercial janitorial cleaning services and floor cleaning industries.

Call us today for a free quote and to walk through your facility. We would appreciate the chance to talk with you about everything we do and how we can keep your commercial space looking amazing. We can even introduce you to new ways to keep your facility in tiptop shape and avoid overspending on capital expenditures like buying and installing new carpets or other flooring.

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Our Professionalism Exceeds Expectations

We conduct frequent quality control inspections to ensure the highest possible services. Not only will you get our professional best every time we come to your facility for industrial plant cleaning services, but you can rest assured that we will always keep the lines of communication open. Our reputation has been built on long-term partnerships with companies like yours. Call today at 833-71CLEAN or fill out our form to request a free quote and talk to a trained, passionate industrial and manufacturing cleaning specialist.