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Take advantage of dry ice blasting, a revolutionary cleaning method! Dry ice blasting is a nonabrasive, nonconductive and nontoxic cleaning procedure that leaves no waste. Many industries use this technology because it is efficient and versatile enough to clean many surfaces, including tools, machinery and cars. 

Corporate Clean Services offers professional dry ice blasting services. Cold Jet, the leader in dry ice blasting technology, has factory-trained our experts to meet the specific demands of businesses in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

How Does the Dry Ice Cleaning Process Work?

The dry ice cleaning process uses an air-pressurized machine to spray frozen CO2 onto a surface. Pellets of frozen CO2 hit the surface and expand in a microsecond. When the pellets hit the surface, they change from solid to gas. This process generates micro-explosions that remove dirt and debris without leaving residue. No liquid is present, and it leaves surfaces spotless and dry, making it one of the most effective cleaning methods.

3 Benefits of Dry Ice Cleaning

The dry ice blasting process is an excellent solution for cleaning equipment used in a variety of industries.  Here are 5 reasons you should consider dry ice cleaning:

1. Reduce Costly Downtime by Eliminating Disassembly for Cleaning

Dry Ice Blasting often allows cleaning to be completed without disassembling machinery.  Conventional cleaning processes often require components to be broken-down so they can be wiped clean with solvents.  Dry ice can be blasted into areas of equipment that require cleaning.  The contaminants will fall away from the equipment and can be vacuumed-up.  There is no water or chemical involved in the process – so it is unnecessary to wipe these types of contaminants away.  Dry ice can also be used on hot components (it actually improves cleaning efficiency as thermal shock increases), which is another benefit compared to conventional processes that require cool-down time after production ends.

2. Safe for Building Occupants & Environmentally Friendly

Your employees’ health and safety are paramount, so dry ice cleaning is an excellent solution. Unlike typical cleaning processes that may expose operators to toxic fumes and hazardous chemicals, dry ice cleaning is nontoxic and leaves no harmful residues. 

Dry ice is a byproduct of other industrial processes, making it a sustainable and environmentally friendly option. It comes from reclaimed CO2, so it does not add or emit new CO2 into the air, thereby not contributing to the greenhouse effect. Dry ice cleaning helps organizations decrease their environmental footprint and promote a cleaner, greener future by eliminating the need for hazardous chemicals.

3. Superior Cleaning Power Yet Non-Abrasive

While eco-friendliness is often a trade-off for power in other cleaning solutions, dry ice cleaning effectively eliminates filth, grime and contaminants. The rapid expansion of frozen CO2 pellets upon impact causes micro-explosions that successfully remove even the most stubborn residues from surfaces. Unlike sand or glass, dry ice is non-abrasive so it will not cause pitting or deformation to the surface being cleaned.  Thermal shock allows dry ice cleaning to achieve better cleaning results without harming machines, equipment, fragile electronics and other surfaces.

Hear From Our Clients:

The Clorox 360 was by far the best thing I could have done for the gym that I manage. With all the germs that get spread there, we needed something to get rid of them all. Such a quick, yet powerful way to get that germ free environment we needed.
Kiley Blanton
Gym Owner
Great company, easy to work with. Flexible with changing schedules.
Jeff Sandel
Altron Automation
Our building and windows look fantastic!! Staff was extremely friendly and great to work with. Thank you!
Stacy Beene
Manager / American Cancer Society
The Clorox 360 service Corporate Clean offers helped us eliminate a Rotavirus outbreak before it became serious in our Long Term Care facility. Once we identified the problem, Corporate Clean came out and used this system to completely disinfect all food prep and dining areas and we saw the spread of the virus end. This is a very valuable and effective service.
Christi Feenstra
Facilities / Clark Retirement

Dry Ice Blasting Applications in Different Industries

Dry ice blasting continues to be used in an increasing number of industries as equipment and facility managers investigate its applications, ranging from commercial building interiors to mechanical elements. Our dry ice blasting services cater to a wide range of industries and applications, including:

  • Pharmaceutical and medical labs: Remove contaminants from sensitive equipment and surfaces without risking contamination.
  • Food and beverage industry: Clean production equipment and surfaces while leaving no chemical residue behind.
  • Industrial manufacturing: Remove grease, oil and other residues from machinery and equipment.
  • Metal fabrication: Prepare surfaces for painting or coating without causing damage.
  • Scientific and chemical research: Clean laboratory equipment and facilities without leaving any residue that could affect experiments.
  • Automotive industry: Remove grease and other contaminants from vehicle surfaces without damaging the paint or underlying materials.

Don’t see your industry on the list? Contact Corporate Clean Services to learn whether we can assist you!

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