Our Newest Capability: Dry Ice Blasting

Our newest capability is dry ice blasting.  Our technicians have been factory-trained by Cold Jet, the leader in dry ice blasting technology.

5 Reasons to Clean with Dry Ice Blasting – and 1 Reason Not To

Dry ice blasting is an efficient, environmentally friendly method of cleaning.  Here are 5 reasons dry ice blasting may be the best solution for your project and 1 reason it may not be.

1. Avoid Creating Secondary Waste Streams

If you power wash a dirty machine with water and cleaning detergents, you will generate a stream of water, detergent and the contaminants you were targeting.  This method of cleaning can generate hundreds or even thousands of gallons of fluid.  Depending on what you are cleaning, the disposal of the contaminated water can be quite costly.  In an effort to clean a machine, you have created an environmental issue.

2. Safely Clean Around Electronics

Most modern machines have expensive integrated electronic components that should not get wet. Covering electronic components with plastic and tape is not a fail-safe solution.

3. Avoid Pitting or Other Damage Caused by Abrasive Methods

Blasting with sand, glass or other materials will also typically generate a lot of waste.  Abrasives can harm the surface of the machine you are cleaning, resulting in pitting.  Or even worse, there is a danger of leaving abrasives, like particle of sand, in an area where they will cause harm (in an engine, hydraulics, etc). A dry ice blaster is non abrasive and it will not leave waste behind.

4. Efficiently Clean Both Hard and Delicate Surfaces

Dry ice blasting can be used to clean very delicate surfaces, like an electronic keypad.  A dry ice blaster can also be used to clean much more aggressively, for applications like removing hardened glue from a surface or knocking the asphalt off a paving machine.

5. Simple Clean-up 

Blasting with dry ice avoids the environmental issues associated with blasting water or sand.  The dry ice sublimates (or vaporizes) upon contact with the surface being cleaned.  The contaminant falls to the ground and can be swept up or vacuumed.  

Why Not Clean with Dry Ice Blasting?

It is expensive.  The dry ice itself usually runs from 80 cents to a dollar / pound.  Depending on the application, the process may use 2 pounds per minute.  A day of dry ice blasting could require 1,000 lbs of material.  If the secondary waste streams associated with other methods are not an issue, those methods will be cheaper.

Elevate Your Facility Cleanliness With Dry Ice Blasting

At Corporate Cleaning and Facility Services, we offer a complete tool chest of solutions to meet a wide range of cleaning challenges.  Many of our competitors use one type of equipment (carpet cleaning vans, as an example).  For them, every carpet needs to be steam cleaned.  We offer 3 different methods of carpet cleaning and we can help identify which one is right for your facility.  Likewise, we can help you ascertain if Dry Ice Blasting or another method is the best one for your project.  Please contact us for a free consultation!