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Restorative Cleaning

Anybody can clean tile…the devil is in the grout!  We specialize in cleaning tile & grout floors.  We use special chemicals (no bleach, no acids) and equipment to do the best possible job. The combination of high-alkaline chemicals, high-pressure, and high temperature, deep cleans all multi-dimensional floors such as tile/grout, flame granite, cement, textured surfaces, and others! Corporate Clean Services, Inc. specializes in Stone, Masonry & Ceramic Tile. Our technicians will begin the process by pretreating the surface with an alkaline solution made to break up dirt and oil. Then the floor will be scrubbed and rinsed at high pressure with vacuum to remove all the solution, water and soils with our deep extraction method. Next in the process comes pretreatment of the surface with an acidic solution that will break down any remaining dirt and oils the alkaline solution did not remove.

Tile & Grout Dying

Tile and Grout is key in making your building shine. Dirty tile and grout hurts the image of your company. Many of our clients that have used our Corporate Clean Services, Inc. Color Seal have light colored tile and grout. In high traffic areas the grout gets dirty faster and requires professional cleaning more often. The color sealer is applied by our certified technicians and is both rigorous and tedios work. But the end result is stunning. Light tile with dark grout looks amazing and is low maintenance. We still would recommend annual tile and grout cleaningn to preserve your floors grout.
Grout Dyeing Before & After