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As one of the most popular types of commercial flooring, tile and grout can give any space an attractive look. However, the upkeep of this kind of floor can seem overwhelming. Over time and even with regular custodial and janitorial cleanings, tile and grout can become soiled and stained. It can even take on an unpleasant odor. Yet you do not have to replace your tile or grout to get it back to like-new condition. You simply need to work with the right tile and grout cleaning services provider right here in Grand Rapids, Byron Center, Hudsonville and beyond.

The people at Corporate Clean Services have spent more than 40 years serving businesses in Grand Rapids and the surrounding communities. Our special processes allow us to pull up even ground-in dirt, grease, and bacteria- restoring your tile and grout. To learn more about how we can help you meet your floor sanitation and cleaning needs, please contact us today. We provide free estimates for grout and tile cleaning service in Grand Rapids, and we always concentrate on exceeding expectations.

Another service we offer is grout dyeing. When grout becomes stained, it can seem as if it will never return to its original color. However, our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to dye it, usually to a darker hue than it was before. Not only does this mask any remaining stains, but it can transform your tiled space! 

Commercial Tile and Grout Cleaning in Grand Rapids: Our Process

What makes our tile and grout deep cleaning process work so well? We have a process that uses high temp/high pressure, and special chemicals but avoids the bleaches and acids that can damage both tile, and grout.

What does the process look like? First, we pre-treat the tile and grout with high-alkaline chemicals. The chemicals break apart even the strongest bonds between the dirt and oils buried into the flooring and grout. Next, we scrub and rinse the floor using high-pressure steam flow followed by immediate vacuuming. The pressure loosens the already broken-down dirt and oil, and the high-powered vacuum sucks up all the moisture. This deep extraction gets far down to remove even stains and odors you thought were impossible to clean.

As an added step, we rinse the floor with clear water to further remove remaining debris and dirt that the alkaline solution may have missed. After high-pressure washing and extraction, the floor is now ready to dry and use.

Want more protection to avoid future issues? We offer sealants for tile and grout, too. Contact Corporate Clean for tile and grout cleaning in Zeeland, Holland, and the entire Grand Rapids area.

Common Tile and Grout Problems and Complaints for Grand Rapids Businesses

It probably will not surprise you to learn that many of our clients require commercial tile and grout cleaning services to address frequent concerns. These include:

  • Grout discoloration and staining. Did you choose a light-colored grout when you installed your tile and grout floor in a bathroom, kitchen, hallway or other commercial space? Over time, lighter grout tends to show dirt and grime. This leaves it looking unevenly colored, stained, spotted, moldy and dull. Using our innovative processes and long-time expertise in the corporate floor cleaning world, we help revitalize even the most dreadful looking grout.
  • Tile staining and dullness. Your once-bright tiles have taken on a less-than-appealing sheen. Rather than getting in touch with a flooring manufacturer, seller or installer to replace those tiles, consider talking to our technicians. Often, all the tiles require is treatment using a commercial tile cleaner. You might be shocked at how beautiful your tiles can be with a little professional TLC from Corporate Clean Services.
  • Dark areas between tiles and grout. Over time, grout can shrink and pull away from tiles. This leads to unexpected lines throughout your floor. These lines leave the impression that your floor is dirty, even after regular janitorial cleaning. Our tools have the ability to get into those crevices and pull out most or all of the staining materials and bacteria, so all you see is an attractive floor.
  • General wear and tear. Perhaps your building was older when you bought or leased your space. You did not replace your tile and grout at the time, but it is starting to look dated now. Our tile and grout commercial cleaning services include recommendations on how to spruce up and modernize tile and grout floors. For instance, you may be interested in tile and grout dying, a procedure that breathes new vibrancy into tired or older tile and grout surfaces. For this and other tile and grout cleaning services in Grand Rapids, Hudsonville, Holland and the surrounding areas, contact us
  • Smelly grout. Because of grout is porous, it tends to absorb liquids- this is a concern especially in bathrooms! Eventually, the build-up of moisture can lead to the formation of bacteria and mildew. Not only is this unhealthy for everyone who comes into your building, but it can make a space smell bad. Why risk sending the wrong message to visitors and employees? Clean up your smelly grout with a little help from our tile and grout cleaning specialists.

No matter what type of tile and grout issues you are facing at your commercial property, Corporate Clean Services in Grand Rapids is ready to offer commercial tile and grout cleaning in the Kent County area. Contact us today to arrange a walk-through and receive a free quote.

Tile & Grout Dyeing Services Near Grand Rapids, MI

Tile and Grout is key in making your building shine. Dirty tile and grout hurt the image of your company. Many of our clients that have used our Corporate Clean Services, Inc. Color Seal have light-colored tile and grout. In high traffic areas, the grout gets dirty faster and requires professional cleaning more often.

The color sealer is applied by our certified technicians and is both rigorous and tedios work, however, the end result is stunning. Light tile with dark grout looks amazing and is low maintenance.

We still would recommend annual tile and grout cleaning to preserve your floor’s grout.

Grout cleaning and dyeing service Before & After in Grand Rapids, MI

Benefits of Regular Restorative and Preventive Tile and Grout Maintenance

After initially bringing us in to revitalize your tile and grout surfaces, talk with our team about developing a regular deep cleaning maintenance schedule. When paired with your regular custodial and janitorial maintenance, a seasonal or twice-yearly deep clean can help you head off future staining. We always customize these plans to fit your needs.

This type of proactive maintenance offers several advantages:

  • Your floors will last longer, adding years and years to its lifespan.
  • You will present a more attractive, updated first appearance to clients and guests.
  • Your employees will feel better about working in their spaces.
  • You will present a healthier environment, especially since our commercial tile cleaner products are environmentally friendly.
  • You can reduce absenteeism by decreasing the the spread of germs, bacteria, viruses and infections.

 Sound like music to your ears? Contact us today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.

Remember that we can also offer many services beyond commercial tile and grout cleaning including carpet cleaning, commercial space disinfection, window cleaning, hardwood cleaning, hard flooring cleaning, janitorial cleaning and unusual floor cleaning. We look forward to wowing you with the finished product every time.