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Corporate Cleaning & Facility​ Services is a commercial cleaning company proudly serving Grand Rapids, Michigan. We prioritize exceeding expectations for every service we offer. Work with us for expert carpet cleaning services from a team of talented, background-checked professionals.

Are you interested in learning more about Corporate Cleaning & Facility Services? Read a few frequently asked questions and answers to help you understand our services and offerings.

What Carpet Cleaning Services Do You Offer?

We offer two carpet cleaning options that implement our state-of-the-art technology and proprietary wet extraction system:

  • Hot water extraction: We spray hot water and our cleaning solution onto a dirty carpet to dislodge the dirt before scrubbing and vacuuming it away. This method will leave your carpet a little damp, so we speed-dry it using downdraft fans.
  • Dry encapsulation: We brush encapsulating chemicals onto your carpet to crystalize the soil trapped inside its fibers. Crystalizing the dirt loosens it and makes vacuuming more successful. This low-moisture process leaves the carpet dry enough to use right away.

What Carpet Cleaning Method Is Best?

Both of our cleaning methods (hot extraction & dry encapsulation) are effective at thoroughly cleaning carpet. Choosing the correct system depends on factors such as the hours required for drying (extraction) vs. no dry time (encapsulation), types of soil, etc.

Does Hot Water Extraction Escalate My Water Bill?

We clean carpets with zero impact on your water bill. Our professionals will arrive in a water truck containing enough hot water for the job. We’ll use a long hose to connect our equipment to our water supply, ensuring a thorough clean and consistent utility bills.

Why Professional Carpet Cleaning?

There are plenty of ways your business can benefit from carpet cleaning services, such as:

  • Working in a cleaner environment: Removing dirt and germs from your carpet will make your office a cleaner place to work. Cleaner workspaces help employees boost their productivity and avoid illness.
  • Achieving a professional appearance: Your carpets cover a lot of surface area, so they’re one of the features clients notice the most. A cleaner carpet will give your business a distinguished demeanor.
  • Saving money in the long run: Commercial cleaning will rejuvenate your carpet and extend its lifespan. We’ll leave your carpet looking better than ever while preventing damage caused by dirt building up over time.

Will Carpet Cleaning Remove Stains?

In almost all instances, spots can be removed. Many stains can be removed, but if the stain has altered the color of the dye in the carpet fiber it may be permanent.

What Time of Day Are Your Services Available?

At Corporate Cleaning & Facility Services, we understand that keeping up with your busy schedule is your top priority. That’s why we offer services at the time that works best for you. Our carpet cleaning services are available 24/7, meaning we can clean your office after hours if necessary.

Do You Have Programs for Recurring Customers?

Our LikeNew™ carpet maintenance program will put your business on a regular cleaning schedule to help you maximize the years you get from your carpets. We’ll use both wet extraction and dry encapsulation within a tailored regiment that fits your business’s schedule.

What Special Services Do You Offer?

Beyond carpet cleaning, we offer various specialty services that meet different industries’ specific needs. These cleaning services extend to any flooring, windows, grout, mirrors and odd surfaces. Each of our specialty services helps businesses achieve a professional appearance. Choose Corporate Cleaning & Facility Services for:

Why Is There Such a Price Range Between Cleaning Companies?

A variety of factors can influence the price a cleaning company offers. In many cases, services are more expensive when they involve intensive labor or expensive equipment. Location is also a factor, as companies may charge more to travel a great distance. Larger companies like Corporate Cleaning & Facility Services can more easily complete large-scale cleaning projects at any location, meaning we can perform the same services and produce high-quality results for less.

What Makes Corporate Cleaning & Facility Services Unique?

At Corporate Cleaning & Facility Services, we distinguish ourselves from the rest by offering the greatest attention to detail in every aspect of our business. Our cleaning processes are thorough and specific to your business, and our customer service is among Grand Rapids’ best. Our customers benefit from deferred billing, so we’ll wait to discuss your bill until your follow-up call when our customer service agents make sure you’re happy.

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