Commercial Cleaning Services for Banking Clients

Your bank sees many important clients, from large business clients seeking complex financial products to new families setting up their first savings accounts. When your bank looks spotless, you make a great first impression on every client and visitor, making them feel good about doing business with your bank. Professional cleaning services from Corporate Clean Services can help.

The financial service industry is highly competitive, so creating a clean space is an essential facet of attracting and retaining clients. A gleaming workspace is a crucial part of your brand. Bank cleaning services from Corporate Clean Services ensure your building always looks professional.

A Professional Janitorial Cleaning Service for Your Bank

Corporate Clean Services offers a range of cleaning services for your bank, including:

  • Cleaning windows: Banks have interior and exterior windows, which Corporate Clean Services can keep clean and free of debris. We wash windows by hand — up to four stories high — to ensure a perfect gleam on every window. Even before customers enter your bank, they can see you’re an entity that pays attention to the details.
  • Disinfecting: Large banks can see thousands of customers a day, and that much traffic can introduce the flu, COVID-19 and other pathogens to your space. Keep your visitors and staff safe with Corporate Clean Services. We use a powerful Clorox® Total 360® system to remove viruses and bacteria from surfaces.
  • Upholstery cleaning: If you have comfortable chairs for your clients, fabric partitions near tellers or other upholstered surfaces, Corporate Clean Services can ensure they stay fresh and free of germs. We can even tackle debris and stains.
  • Cleaning hard and shiny surfaces: Banks usually have many polished surfaces, including counters and automated teller machines (ATMs). The professional team at Corporate Clean Services has extensive experience making shiny surfaces gleam without damaging them.
  • Cleaning floors: Whether your bank has concrete, marble, laminate, engineered wood or wood floors, we have the experience to help. We can even clean any carpet in your executive offices. These services help your floors last longer and look spotless. Banks often have high-traffic areas, and our team can tackle scuffs and stains to make your floor look polished and uniform.

Contact Corporate Clean Services for a Free Quote

At Corporate Clean Services, we only charge you after we’ve had a follow-up discussion about the outcome. Our goal is always to exceed your expectations, so we maintain communication and stay on call when possible. With us, your bank will always ready to serve your customers at the highest level.

Banks have significant amounts of personal information on the premises, which is why many financial institutions appreciate that Corporate Clean Services runs background checks on all employees. Our highly trained staff provides stellar professionalism.

Your cleaning team arrives with everything they need to get your bank spotless. We always use the best cleaning equipment and processes to provide you with excellence at all levels.

If you’re ready to open your doors to gleaming surfaces and spotless spaces, contact Corporate Clean Services today for a free quote.