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Educational buildings are heavy usage facilities. During the week, students, faculty and staff spend the majority of their day inside these buildings. This can easily lead to dirty desks, stained carpets and smudged windows.

Whether you operate a day care facility or a college, germs can easily spread with this many people working closely, causing absenteeism and missed work. That’s why Corporate Cleaning & Facility Services offers comprehensive general cleaning and disinfecting services to ensure your educational facility delivers a good first impression and keeps your students, faculty and staff safe.

Our Cleaning Services for Schools

Not every educational facility is the same they come in a variety of shapes, sizes and types. Our team at Corporate Clean Services begins each project by first inspecting your school to come up with customized solutions. We can customize all of our cleaning and disinfecting services to fit your needs and budget.

Our professional cleaning services for schools include the following:


  • Custodial and janitorial: High traffic facilities such as schools need consistent maintenance care plans. Our general cleaning includes wiping down hard surfaces such as desks that students spend hours at. We will also pay special attention to other areas of your school, including the floors, which most likely need some TLC after hundreds of students walk on them from one class to another.
  • Carpet: Some classrooms feature carpeted areas. Carpets can easily harbor dirt, debris and allergens. This is unsightly and can also negatively impact the air quality for students or faculty with allergies. To restore your school’s carpet and improve your building’s overall sanitation, we use our propriety system, so your carpet looks like new again.
  • Hard floors: In addition to thoroughly cleaning the hard floors found anywhere from the hallways to the gym, we can also perform stripping and waxing services to keep them shiny and extend their lifespan.
  • Window cleaning: Clean windows let in more natural light, allowing students to see and focus better on their assignments. Our team has the tools and equipment needed to clean both interior and exterior windows up to four stories high. By cleaning your windows by hand, we ensure you experience the most polished finish without any streaks.
  • Total building disinfection: Kids can easily spread germs that are lurking throughout the school. To remove bacteria and viruses from high usage surfaces such as classroom desks, we use the powerful Clorox Total 360™ system. This effectively removes harmful germs so that your entire school stays safe and protected.

Hear From School Staff On Our Cleaning:

Friendly, efficient staff dedicated to meeting all your cleaning needs.
Rusty Brewster
Facilities Director / North Pointe Christian Schools
CCS has been providing custodial and maintenance services at both of our campuses for five years. They have provided outstanding service, adapt to ever-changing schedules, and work well with staff and school families. Corporate Clean Services has been a blessing to our school.
John Booy
Superintendent / Potters House Christian School

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If you are looking for a school cleaning company near Grand Rapids, Michigan, then the team at Corporate Cleaning & Facility Services is more than happy to help. We use innovative cleaning methods to get all types of educational facilities spotless and sanitary.

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