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Our team of professional commercial window cleaner services Grand Rapids, MI and surrounding areas. We have the tools to safely clean the inside and outside of your business or commercial office. Window washing is time consuming and can be dangerous. Let the professional window cleaning company of Grand Rapids take care of all your window cleaning needs.

Our standard commercial window cleaning services in the Grand Rapids area include:

  • Cleaning all interior & exterior glass (paint and construction debris extra) with window cleaner.
  • Washing and drying screens. We don’t just brush the screens, we take them out, wash, dry and put them back.
  • Wiping down all window frames, sills and ledges. (Interior tracks can be done for an extra fee).
  • All work done by hand to ensure professional, superior quality and customer satisfaction during the cleaning process.

Professional Window Cleaning Services in Grand Rapids

Windows seem like they should not get dirty, especially on the inside. After all, why would a glass pane attract any kind of dirt? Glass is like any other type of surface. Over time, airborne particles and moisture cling to it. This creates a more textured surface which collects an increasing amount of particulate. And insects that get into your building will inevitably try to escape through your windows. Is it any wonder that so many bugs meet their ends at the edges of windows, becoming lodged in the casement or along the bottom of the sill?

In most cases, your routine janitorial and custodial team members don’t have the time to wash your windows on a daily basis. They are busy concentrating on other surfaces, such as floors and countertops. Therefore, your windows become dirtier and dirtier until it is noticeable to everyone that they need a deep-down clean. And those outside windows? They typically are not touched unless a professional comes to rescue them from dirt build-up and grime.

When you work with our team of highly trained, professional office window cleaning technicians, we will help you pinpoint which windows to clean and the right modern window cleaning processes for each job.

State-of-the-Art Window Cleaning Equipment

Aside from having experts do the work, a key to getting windows as clean as possible is to start with a solid process. We bring cutting-edge window cleaning equipment to every job. This ensures that we always have the right tools to handle any job.

We are not afraid to get dirty! We often scrub windows by hand after applying the right window cleaning solutions. And of course, before any job begins, we make certain that peripheral items such as furnishings and wall hangings are protected for window washing.

Our goal is for a streak-free shine on not just your window panes, but also on the window sills and surrounding plastic or metal parts. We work hard to give even older, single-pane windows a like-new appearance. When you get accustomed to having windows cleaned on both the outside and inside of your building, you will never want them to be any other way. Talk to us today about how we can bring our superior window cleaning team, equipment and protocols to your Grand Rapids commercial building.

Go for Eco-Friendly Professional Window Cleaning In Grand Rapids

Want to go green with your commercial cleaning services? We can help!

Now more than ever, many Grand Rapids businesses are focused on trying to be as environmentally friendly as possible. We understand. That is why we offer green cleaning methods and products whenever possible.

Feel better about not only the fact that your windows are brilliantly clear but also that you have been a good steward of natural resources by choosing a window cleaning company that cares about the world around us.

An Expert Window Cleaning Team Devoted to Customer Satisfaction

We offer clients only the best products and solutions that is a given. But that doesn’t happen without a team of passionate, well-trained individuals. Our power comes from the people we have chosen to give you the clean you deserve.

How can we be so certain you will love our results? Each of our window cleaning team members has been thoroughly vetted and trained to ensure they know the best, safest methods to carry out their roles in customer service and as cleaning specialists. You can be sure that every person who comes into your facility has been background checked and has undergone rigorous training.

How do we maintain such a high degree of professionalism and loyalty in an industry known for its turnover rate? Not only is our pay higher than our competitors’, but we give each of our employees the tools and information they need to exceed expectations. That is how we have become the leader in our business. For more than 40 years, we have helped clients keep their windows and other commercial spaces functioning and looking like new.

Allow us to help you, too. Contact our office today to arrange an appointment for a free cost estimate for commercial window cleaning in Grand Rapids.

Professional, Commercial Window Cleaning for All Types of Windows

Although most people assume that window cleaning is relegated to windows that expose the interior of your building to the exterior, many facilities have windows in other spots, too. A good example of this are skylights. Skylights are a type of window, although they are very rarely cleaned by professionals. If your building has skylights, please consider making an appointment with us for a cleaning estimate.

Other places where windows and glass may be found include:

  • In doors to give people the ability to peek into rooms without needing to open the door first.
  • In walls to make spaces seem more expansive or to add an open concept to the overall interior design.
  • In panels to give people less of a claustrophobic “cubby” feel.
  • In furniture and furnishings such as barrister-style bookshelves or glass coffee tables, typically as part of decorative elements.
  • In indoor/outdoor spaces, such as partial or complete greenhouses or patio-like sections of the building.

We also can handle all mirrored surfaces, including mirrors on doors, walls and ceilings.

Selling Your Building? Professional Window Cleaning Is a Must-Do.

Have you thought recently about putting your commercial building on the market like property managers, or leasing some or all of the space? Your best bet to attract the most and highest bids possible is to ensure all your surfaces are bright and clean. And that includes all your windows.

Having clean windows that have been professionally sanitized will not just make your windows look more attractive. Investing in this type of cleaning before putting your business into the hands of real estate companies increases the natural light that will come into your facility resulting in interior spaces that look more appealing thanks to the warmth streaming in from outdoors.

Professional window cleaning will also freshen up your entire space. You can smell the difference, especially if your windows have years and years of soil and dust build-up on the panes and around the casements. Plus, if your site has older windows that have not been replaced by energy-efficient counterparts, commercial window cleaning can ensure they look modern rather than dated.

We’re Committed to Quality

Our high-quality equipment and professionalism keep your building looking good. And that is what business is all about. We know that first impressions matter, so we make sure that whatever custodial services we perform will reflect well on you. For this reason, we continuously invest in the latest innovations and stay up-to-date on emerging cleaning products and methods. In the four decades, we have served the Grand Rapids community, we have always striven to be leaders in commercial janitorial cleaning services and floor cleaning industries.

Call us today for a free quote and to walk through your facility. We would appreciate the chance to talk with you about everything we do and how we can keep your commercial space looking amazing. We can even introduce you to new ways to keep your facility in tiptop shape and avoid overspending on capital expenditures like buying and installing new carpets or other flooring.

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One of our team members will be happy to come to your facility. From that point, we can arrange a customized quote for window cleaning and any other surface cleaning projects you might have.

Remember that you will never get a bill until we have talked after your window cleaning experience. This allows us to make sure that we have truly exceeded your expectations, which is essential to us. It is part of our core vision and commitment to customer service. You’ll never receive a bill until you’re 100 percent satisfied.

Contact Corporate Cleaning & Facility Services in Grand Rapids, Michigan, for your next window cleaning project. We service your window cleaning needs in Kent County and surrounding areas.

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