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Production processes in industrial plants can easily create excess particles and debris, while large warehousing spaces can accumulate dust from items in long-term storage. Whether you own or operate a small or large facility, commercial cleaning and disinfecting services from Corporate Cleaning & Facility Services will support your specific needs. For over 15 years, our team has helped ensure manufacturing, industrial and warehousing facilities maintain industry standards for cleanliness and efficiency.

Before our team begins cleaning, we meet with you to inspect your facility. Then we create a personalized industrial plant cleaning plan that is within your budget. The result will be a clean and sanitized manufacturing facility that values your employees’ health and happiness.

Manufacturing Cleaning, Warehousing and Industrial Facility Cleaning Services

Corporate Cleaning & Facility Services takes great pride in offering top-of-the-line manufacturing cleaning protocols and equipment. Each of our team members is highly trained to provide cleaning services and can quickly adapt to issues or spacial challenges that might arise while cleaning and disinfecting your facility.

They take care of everything from small details such as window smudges to large-scale comprehensive deep floor cleaning. Our industrial plant cleaning services include the following and more:

  • Windows: Our team has the tools and products to effectively remove built-up dirt and debris from your facility’s windows. In addition to cleaning the interior and exterior windows by hand, we can also wipe down the areas surrounding the windows and wash and dry your screens for a polished finish.
  • Floors: Your facility likely has a variety of flooring. We work with types ranging from wood to laminate and tile. With heavy usage and high traffic, facility floors often need ongoing deep floor cleaning strategies. Our team will work with you to come up with a warehouse floor cleaning strategy that leaves floors spotless and extends their lifespan.
  • Carpet Cleaning: If your manufacturing facility has carpeted surfaces, heavy usage can affect how it looks. Carpet can easily hold stains and odors, creating a less than ideal atmosphere for manufacturing products or warehousing goods. With our proprietary system, we will eliminate stains, bacteria and odors.
  • Total building disinfecting: We can remove germs from your manufacturing facility with the Clorox Total 360™ system to cut down on lost production and efficiency from employee sick days. Our team can even come out the same day to quickly and effectively get rid of bacteria.

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Corporate Cleaning & Facility Services ensures we meet all your needs for your manufacturing facility by staying in touch while we work, performing frequent quality control inspections and not billing you until after our follow-up.

Whether you need your industrial plant’s exterior windows cleaned or are searching for warehouse floor cleaning services, you can feel confident that our team will do everything possible to ensure we exceed your expectations. 

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Before and After pictures of a real industrial project – we cleaned heavy soil and rubber from Hilo tires off a warehouse floor.

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