Difficult & Unusual Projects


If you’re asking any of the following:


What can we do about this ugly _____?

How the heck can this get done?!

Who the heck does this type of work?!


Call Corporate Clean Services, Inc.!

Ceiling Tile Cleaning Before & After

We Specialize in Difficult Projects!

We are not limited to typical cleaning… a few of the “unusual” jobs have included:
  • Painting ceiling grids
  • Removal and re-applying taped and painted OSHA safety lanes
  • Removal of rust stains on exterior signage and buildings
  • Repairs of bathroom partitions, and installation of bathroom dispensers

Case #1

A healthcare facility had just installed a very expensive imported rubber/fiberglass floor in their food service area…which was then damaged by workers dragging heavy material across the floor. Replacement cost would have been $250,000, and would have pushed the completion date back 3 months. We got the call to see if we could “undo” the damage. After a day of experimenting, we figured it out. This job saved the customer $246,000. The customer, general contractor, and trades people were…HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!
Healthcare Facility Clean Floor
Floor Epoxy Removal

Case #2

Many customers have permanent epoxies, or other sealers on their floors. Unfortunately, the “permanent” coatings eventually ugly-out, and need to be removed…WE CAN DO IT! We have “rescued” many customers by removing permanent floor coatings “that can not be removed”.