Difficult & Unusual Projects


If you’re asking any of the following:


What can we do about this ugly _____?

How the heck can this get done?!

Who the heck does this type of work?!


Call Corporate Clean Services, Inc.!


We Specialize in Difficult Projects!

We are not limited to typical cleaning… a few of the “unusual” jobs have included:

  • Painting ceiling grids
  • Removal and re-applying taped and painted OSHA safety lanes
  • Removal of rust stains on exterior signage and buildings
  • Repairs of bathroom partitions, and installation of bathroom dispensers

Case #1

A healthcare facility had just installed a very expensive imported rubber/fiberglass floor in their food service area…which was then damaged by workers dragging heavy material across the floor. Replacement cost would have been $250,000, and would have pushed the completion date back 3 months. We got the call to see if we could “undo” the damage. After a day of experimenting, we figured it out. This job saved the customer $246,000.

The customer, general contractor, and trades people were…HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!

Case #2

Many customers have permanent epoxies, or other sealers on their floors. Unfortunately, the “permanent” coatings eventually ugly-out, and need to be removed…WE CAN DO IT! We have “rescued” many customers by removing permanent floor coatings “that can not be removed”.