Carpet Cleaning Service in Grand Rapids, MI for Commercial Facilities

Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Your carpets offer more than just a soft surface to walk on or a way to further your interior design. They act like filters, grabbing hold of particles like dirt, debris allergens. This keeps your employees, patrons, volunteers and vendors from breathing in unwanted airborne items. However, carpeting can quickly become saturated and start to lose its ability to capture dust and more. At this point, the best solution is a professional carpet cleaning with hot water extraction.

Corporate Cleaning & Facility Services, Inc. is the best commercial carpet cleaner in the Grand Rapids area. We proudly provide unmatched commercial professional carpet cleanings to the Grand Rapids, Michigan, area. For over four decades, we have been servicing local businesses, schools, health care facilities and more and exceeding our commercial customer expectations in Hudsonville, Zeeland, Grand Rapids, Holland and Byron Center. We work with you to create a customized solution to revitalize your carpeted floors using innovative deep cleaning methods. Contact our team for a free quote, and get deep clean carpet cleaning in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Help your carpets perform their many roles for years to come.


Our Deep Carpet Cleaning Services in Grand Rapids

There’s a reason we’re industry leaders it’s because we use the latest and greatest cleaning techniques and equipment. When we come to your commercial space, these are the cleaning methods we can perform:


  • Proprietary Wet Extraction System: We started cleaning carpets like everyone else. We used a regular carpet cleaning solution with a regular carpet cleaner machine, but the results were less than perfect. So, we developed a proprietary system that combines vacuum extraction, agitation, neutral chemicals, hot water extractions and speed drying to get the ultimate clean for your carpet.
  • Hot Water Extraction Process: Our hot water extraction method utilizes equipment that disperses hot water and cleaning solutions on your carpet. At the same time, the machine vacuums up the water along with the dissolved and dislodged dirt. A long hose from our special hot water truck provides the hot water we use for extraction. This process is high tech and extremely powerful.
  • Dry Encapsulation System: For dry carpet-cleaning in Grand Rapids, we rely on specialized machines. The systems we use are low moisture systems, meaning they rely on a combination of dry compounds and applied cleaning solutions. The result? Rapid dry times fit for 24-hour cleaning options. It targets heavily soiled areas which we prep with special pretreatments and traffic-lane cleaners that dissolve grease and break up dirt for easier low moisture cleaning.
  • State-Of-The-Art Equipment: All of our green cleaning machines are top of the line. As high-quality carpet cleaners in Grand Rapids, we only use the best on our clients’ floors.
Dry Carpet Cleaning Grand Rapids before and after
Wet Commercial Carpet Cleaning in the Grand Rapids area

Methods of Professional Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Grand Rapids

In addition to being in the carpet cleaning business for decades, we bring fresh eyes and new ideas to every job. During our first walk-through, we consider all the aspects of your carpets, from their ages to construction to soil level. Then, we recommend the types of services that are best suited to get you the results you deserve.

We offer hot water extraction carpet cleaning services in Grand Rapids, Byron Center, Holland and beyond, and your carpet could benefit from this treatment. During this service, we use heated water with our commercial carpet cleaning machine to get deep into your carpeting and remove even microbial debris and soil. We scrub the carpet then speed dry with downdraft fans.

Hot water extraction carpet cleaning, or steam cleaning, is one of the most successful ways to clean carpets. We use the carpet extractor because it is a tried and true process for removing even the toughest dirt stains.

While it doesn’t actually use the steam to clean, it does use hot water that can occasionally give off steam. The hot water itself, combined with our special cleaning chemicals, is what cleans the carpet so well.

With steam cleaning, you can see the carpet getting cleaner before your very eyes. After penetrating your carpet with hot water and detergent, we use suction to pull the dirty water out from the carpet fibers, leaving very little water behind. This process pulls, or extracts, the dirt and stains, revealing the clean carpet you once knew. Since we suction most of the water out and use downdraft fans, drying is quick and easy.

We are confident you’ll love the results after cleaning your carpet with our carpet cleaning machine. Your carpets will look and feel like new. But, using water on carpets might not always be the best choice, depending on the circumstance. That’s why we offer another option when cleaning carpets.

In some circumstances, we may recommend a dry cleaning encapsulation method of deep cleaning that uses dry compounds that essentially grab the dirt like magnets. We can then use specialized machinery to pull out the compounds and debris for a fresh, clean carpet that looks incredible.

The Benefits of Professional Deep Carpet Cleaning in Grand Rapids

There are many advantages of hiring commercial carpet cleaning services for your business. They include the following:


  • Reduced Risk of Illness: Did you know that carpets are the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew? Dirty carpeting directly affects Indoor Air Quality. Beyond collecting dust, carpets can grow bacteria within the carpet fiber that could affect the health of your employees. Dusty carpets can cause sneezing, headaches and discomfort in your building, but mold and mildew can pose much larger safety problems. Be proactive and clean your carpets professionally a few times per year. As a safer choice, or our custodial services can take care of your carpet year round.
  • Business Looks Clean: No one likes the look of a dirty carpet. If your business operates on top of a stained and smelly floor, the quality of your service or product may be undermined. It’s important to keep your workspace sparkling clean and the indoor air smelling fresh so you can impress the right people when you need to and help your employees perform at their best. Professional cleaning companies have special stain remover and other carpet cleaner that can help you achieve this.
  • Less Replacement Cost: If you take good care of your carpets, they will last a long time. Installing carpet is a big investment. Ensure your money goes the extra mile by letting us help you lengthen its lifetime. Dirt and dust can do more damage than you think, and over time, the fibers of soiled carpets and rugs begin to break down. This results in weathered patches on your carpet something you’ll have to deal with if you’re not proactive. Paying for carpet or rug cleaning a few times a year will help you avoid replacement costs.
  • Branding. Every business wants to be known for its spotless look and appealing spaces. You can be confident that your carpets add to the overall attractiveness of each area. Not only can this boost your reputation among clients and customers, but it can also make employees feel proud of the place they work.
  • Savings. Why spend money constantly upgrading your commercial carpets? Your goal is to steward your financial resources in the best ways possible. Corporate Clean Services can assist you in stretching the lifespan of all your carpets by revitalizing even heavily soiled and matted fibers.
  • Improved indoor air quality (IAQ). Many corporate leaders are concerned about the environmental repercussions of poor IAQ, such as increased employee absenteeism and a sick workplace environment. Having your carpets professionally cleaned at regular intervals can become a dependable way to remove unwanted chemicals and particles from the air.

Extending the Life of Your Carpet

As we briefly touched on above, carpets are a large investment. Heavy traffic areas don’t last long without cleaning. Dry soil particulate will grind down and destroy carpet fibers. These areas include the carpet inside your facility where your employees and customers walk the most common rooms and hallways, for instance.

We care about the health and life of your carpet and want to limit damage however we can. Our goal is to keep your carpets looking great for years. This includes protecting your carpets by taking preventative measures in areas not commonly associated with carpet cleanliness. Did you know that air duct cleaning can affect your carpets?

As previously mentioned, carpets provide more than a soft area to walk or an upgrade over ugly, worn-down flooring. Carpets act as a filter, holding dust, particles and other debris from floating around in the air all day. Since this dirt and dust can damage your carpet, you want to make sure you limit how much is there. Many of these particles can come from a nearby air duct.

Locker Room deep clean Carpet Cleaning in Grand Rapids

An air duct can pour particles onto your carpets, contributing to stains, damage and allergens. Air duct cleaning can prevent particles from entering your business and landing on your carpets. This can help keep your carpets cleaner for longer.

We can work with you to come up with the right duct cleaning solution for your business. Don’t let your air ducts affect the state of your carpets. We can determine the right air duct cleaning solution to circulate clean air throughout your business, keeping your carpets cleaner in the process.

If extending the life of your carpet is important to you, we recommend signing up for our carpet cleaning solution services for your Grand Rapids location.

Carpet Condition Over Time Graph

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Programs in Grand Rapids

We’re proud to deliver the Corporate Cleaning & Facility Services, Inc. LikeNew™ carpet maintenance program. Over the years, we have collected data that supports the efficacy of this program. Essentially, our cleaning system will help keep your carpet looking great and lasting longer. If you work with us regularly, we can keep your carpet looking brand new for years. Not all companies can actually extend the life of your carpet, but we can, and we will.

Our carpet cleaning regiment includes our Wet Extractions and Dry Encapsulation method. Depending on your corporate and personal preferences, we can tailor our cleaning programs to fit your desires and requirements. One thing we can promise you is that if you need a quick turnaround, our drying times are unmatched.



Why Corporate Cleaning & Facility Services in Grand Rapids?

At Corporate Cleaning & Facility Services, we pride ourselves on offering a superior relationship with our commercial cleaning clients.

  • Exceptional service. When you partner with us to provide you with deep clean carpet cleaning service in Grand Rapids, Michigan, we strive to exceed your expectations every time.
  • Attention to detail. We treat every job as unique, which is why we might use a commercial carpet steam cleaner on one space and a dry encapsulation cleaning method on another. No two carpets are the same, and we enjoy coming up with the right solution for each client’s needs.
  • Solid reputation. Throughout our more than 40 years in the business of professional carpet cleaning in Grand Rapids, Hudsonville, and surrounding areas, we have steadily built our reputation for excellence. In fact, we are one of the only cleaning service providers in our area that performs frequent quality control inspections with the purpose of improving your experience.
  • Deferred billing. Other commercial cleaning companies bill you upfront or require a deposit before work can begin. Not Corporate Cleaning & Facility Services. We will not bill you until we know you are happy with our results.
  • Eco-friendly solutions. You are concerned about the environment. So are we. That is why we make certain all the cleaning solutions, compounds and cleaning systems we use are friendly for everyone in your building as well as the environment.


Wet Extraction Carpet Cleaning in the Grand Rapids area

Learn more about the many ways that our technicians can help you revive your carpets. Contact us or give us a call at 616-207-1260 for a free estimate for professional carpet cleaning service in Byron Center, Zeeland and the Grand Rapids area for all your corporate spaces. Remember that no job is too small or unusual. If you have dirty carpets and textiles, we can help.

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