Commercial Cleaning Services for Michigan Executive Offices

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C-suite executives are busy, and keeping their offices gleaming with professional janitorial services is essential to creating a professional, efficient and productive space. At Corporate Cleaning & Facility Services, our office cleaning services ensure you can proudly show your office building to contractors, partners, vendors and important clients.

Professional Commercial Cleaning Services for Executive Offices

Corporate Cleaning & Facility Services has a highly trained team to clean your workspace so that your executive offices make the best possible impression. Our office building services include:

  • Disinfecting: Our team uses the powerful Clorox® Total 360® system to remove viruses and bacteria to make your offices and entire building more hygienic. Whether you’re worried about flu season, COVID-19 or any germs, we can bring you peace of mind.
  • Custodial tasks: From cleaning room dividers to specialty bookcases, executives need offices that gleam and present a spotless, mirror-like finish. The professional team at Corporate Cleaning & Facility Services has the experience and products to achieve that look.
  • Cleaning carpeted surfaces: Many executives choose plush carpeting to create a luxurious feel. The team at Corporate Cleaning & Facility Services uses a proprietary system with hot water extraction processes and neutral chemicals to make office carpets look like new. Our system can revive carpet in high-traffic areas, and we’ve even helped some offices avoid replacing their carpet.
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  • Floor cleaning: The team at Corporate Cleaning & Facility Services has extensive experience cleaning concrete, wood and laminate floors. Whether your offices are in a refurbished urban loft with concrete floors or a traditional historic building with original hardwood floors, we make your flooring look its best while extending its lifespan.
  • Cleaning office windows: Your executive office may have both interior and exterior windows. Exterior windows are at the mercy of the elements, while internal windows can pick up fingerprints and debris. Corporate Cleaning & Facility Services cleans all your executive office windows by hand, and we conduct a quality check to ensure a spotless finish.
  • Upholstery cleaning: Executive offices may have fabric partitions and often have upholstered chairs or sofas for visitors. Corporate Cleaning & Facility Services has expertise in upholstery, allowing us to tackle stains and refresh your office furniture.

Grand Rapids Corporate Cleaning & Facility Services

A sparkling office is part of your leadership’s brand. Corporate Cleaning & Facility Services can ensure your offices are always ready for visitors. Our services help you gain full control over your offices and save you time so that your executives can focus on future success. You can schedule a consultation with Corporate Cleaning & Facility Services to discuss your corporate custodial needs.

Corporate Cleaning & Facility Services exceeds your expectation, and our careful attention to detail is essential for a team that provides comprehensive office cleaning services. We only bill your company after making a follow-up call to make sure our services reflect your company’s excellence. We’re also the only company in our industry to perform frequent quality control inspections in Grand Rapids, Michigan. These checks allow us to constantly improve your experience and our employee training.

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