Why Office Cleaning Is Important

People spend a lot of time in their workplace. With all of the hustle and bustle of daily activities, it is unlikely that the cleanliness of their work environment comes to mind as a priority. However, a clean and organized workspace can do a lot of good for your organization. Along with the obvious health benefits, it helps leave good first impressions on customers and improve employee satisfaction.

Investing in commercial cleaning services to help achieve and maintain an attractive, healthy work environment comes with numerous advantages. Discover why office cleaning is so important and the value of commercial cleaning services in keeping your facility at its best.

Why Is Cleaning Important in the Workplace?

For happy, healthy and productive employees, having a clean work environment is a key factor. When a workplace is well-maintained, it conveys that the company cares for its appearance as well as the comfort and well-being of its workers. As such, commercial cleaning is a highly valuable service that can secure the following advantages for your business.

Office Sanitation

Objects within the workspace are some of the biggest hotspots for germs to linger and thrive. From computer mice and desk phones to door handles, many shared surfaces provide the opportunity for the unintentional spread of a variety of illnesses.

Keeping an office clean and sanitized is one of the best ways to help reduce the risk of illnesses spreading from one employee to another. In fact, a clean office has been proven to reduce the likelihood of spreading the common cold and influenza by 80%. Good office hygiene also reduces the overall contamination of surfaces with viruses by 62%.

While contagious illnesses are sufficient to highlight the importance of commercial cleaning services, cleaning can also minimize the occurrence of other health issues. Dirt, mildew, cobwebs and many other irritants can cause rashes and respiratory health complications. Keeping offices clean and sanitized will help eliminate harmful bacteria and other elements that can impact employee health.


Employee safety should be a concern for any company. If regular cleaning and maintenance fall to the wayside in the work environment, the chances of safety hazards cropping up increase.

Routine cleaning can help prevent safety issues before they happen. Consider the floor employees walk across every day, multiple times a day — while the cleanliness of the floor may not seem like something that should cause a great amount of worry, a buildup of debris or contaminants can render surfaces unsafe. Regular commercial floor cleaning will help reduce trip and fall hazards that can result in serious injury.


An office should always be a place that is inviting for everyone. A well-maintained workspace will make employees feel more comfortable and help them focus on the tasks at hand.

There are some general cleaning duties that should be performed regularly to maintain a clean and inviting office atmosphere. Floors should be vacuumed, trash removed, doors and windows cleaned, and more.

One crucial space that should be on every office cleaning checklist is the restroom, both for comfort and hygiene reasons. Trash should always be removed, all high-touch areas should be disinfected, and mirrors, sinks and toilets should be thoroughly cleaned.

The Importance of Commercial Cleaning Services

Maintaining a clean workspace may seem like an easy thing to do. Some companies may even opt to take care of it themselves rather than hire a commercial cleaning service. However, professionals are named so for a reason, and no one cleans better than those who have training and experience to get the job done right. The benefits of commercial cleaning services are well worth the investment.


Every company has an image to maintain. However, an office that is not kept in its best and cleanest condition can quickly drag down any company, no matter how successful it may be. Keeping a clean office workspace shows everyone on the premises that you care about their health and safety.

When it comes to ensuring that a workplace is at its most sanitary and offers peak visual appeal, trusting in commercial cleaning services is the superior solution. Professional cleaners are familiar with how to get the best clean for the task at hand, and they know to maintain every aspect of the work environment. When commercial cleaners are brought in, companies can operate as usual without sanitation concerns while increasing their esteem in the eyes of their customers and employees with a clean office.


Cleaning an entire office can be time-consuming, but it has to be done for the benefit of everyone who enters that space. While employees can be educated on simple cleaning habits to help with keeping an office tidy and hygienic, it is not the same as a deep-cleaning. However, it can be difficult to find the time to carry out all of those critical cleaning tasks.

One of the benefits of commercial cleaning services is that they handle thorough cleaning processes, removing that burden from the company’s employees. Cleaning and disinfecting walls, floors, bathrooms, windows and dozens of other surfaces is a time-consuming chore. Professional cleaners do all of the work for you.

Another perk is that cleanings can be scheduled per the need of the company, and many commercial cleaning services can be booked for automatic ongoing services. With recurring office cleaning services, the workplace gets clean on a regular, predictable basis with no chance of someone forgetting to schedule the work.

Efficient and Effective

It is difficult to match the expertise of professionals in any industry, and cleaning is no different. Commercial cleaning is important because sanitization experts know exactly what they need to do and can usually do it in half the time of a nonprofessional.

Additionally, professional office cleaners will have all the tools and products that are necessary for proper and thorough cleaning. Whether it is removing dust, sticky residues or stains, a commercial cleaning service will likely be able to provide the right cleaning solution. They will also know how to properly sanitize and disinfect various surfaces, eliminating lurking bacteria.

Overall, the time and energy saved by hiring a commercial cleaning service far outweigh the cost of the investment, especially since there is no question that the job will be done right.


Hiring Commercial Cleaning Services

Along with hiring professional services, it can be beneficial for companies to instill good cleaning habits in their employees. Educating employees on practicing a “neat culture” while at work can help provide insight on the importance of a clean office and how they can help maintain their workspace between professional cleanings. Employees should be expected to clean up after themselves by utilizing trash receptacles, keeping their personal work areas organized and practicing good hygiene. 

However, even the best employee practices need to be supplemented by a commercial cleaning service to perform deep cleaning and maintain a healthy office. A professional cleaner armed with experience and the industry’s best cleaning products can make all the difference in keeping your workplace at its healthiest. 

There are a few factors to consider when deciding on which commercial cleaning service to hire. 

Company Needs

Every company has its own unique workplace and comes with its own specific needs. Consider the kind of services that the office will need and use that as a place to start searching for a commercial cleaning service that fits all of those requirements. Look around for office cleaning providers that will customize a package for your company without including any unnecessary extras. 


The chosen commercial office cleaning service should have plenty of experience in handling the cleaning tasks your company needs. Their personnel should be thoroughly trained, confident in their abilities and capable of properly addressing a variety of cleaning scenarios. Be sure to check the service’s credentials and make sure they carry the proper insurance. 


While cleaning services may not seem like they should be at the top of the expense list, it is still important to choose a provider based on factors other than price. Make sure that any cleaning company you consider is capable of sanitizing your office effectively and efficiently before you start comparing providers based on price. 


Choosing a commercial cleaner that can accommodate your company’s schedule is key to maintaining regular services. Cleaning services work at different hours, so it’s important to coordinate their schedule with yours and ensure they won’t interfere with daily business operations.


It’s always wise to check on reviews of commercial cleaning services and see if other customers were satisfied with their performance. Checking on testimonials will allow for a better understanding of how the cleaning service operates, including the quality of their performance, customer service and other factors. Avoid any service that has numerous complaints or negative reviews. 

Benefits of Having a Clean Work Environment

There are numerous advantages of having a clean office, and your company can enjoy all of them by hiring a commercial cleaning service. Offering improved employee health, productivity, customer satisfaction and more, a clean work environment is definitely a contributing factor to the success of any company.

Happy and Healthy Employees

The average employee spends approximately 40 hours a week in their workplace. Employees are also an imperative part of company operations, so it’s important for them to spend their time in a place that is inviting, makes them comfortable and fosters productivity.

Employees who are unhappy or unhealthy due to an unclean work environment can severely impair daily operations. Poor office hygiene can have a direct impact on attendance and productivity, and it can also cost a company a lot of money. Unplanned absences due to illness can result in a 39% decrease in sales and customer service and a 54% drop in productivity. With statistics like that, the importance of maintaining a clean office is undeniable.

Brand Elevation

A company should not have just the employees’ best interests in mind. Clients and potential partners are also integral to the overall success of companies. First impressions — and every impression thereafter — are important. A work environment that appears clean and well-organized indicates a company that has its priorities in order.

Studies have shown that the majority of customers prefer cleanliness and consider it to be a top factor, with many willing to switch to a competitor for good if they feel a store is unsanitary.

Whether a company is in sales, the food industry or other service work, every single customer or potential business partner who visits will have the opportunity to make judgments based on the way a workplace is kept. A clean and welcoming environment will give off the feeling that any products or services provided by the company are of superior quality and can be trusted.

Smooth Operations

A tidy office can help with carrying out company operations on a daily basis by eliminating unnecessary obstacles. When documents, supplies and equipment are kept in an organized fashion, it is much easier for employees to find what they need, when they need it.

An orderly working environment can also help employees spend more time focusing on the goals for the day. If everything around them is a jumbled mess, it can be difficult for them to find what they need and focus on completing tasks efficiently.


Things tend to last longer when they are cared for properly, and the same goes for any office workspace. When carpets and hard floors receive regular cleaning, their life span is expanded.

Office equipment such as copy machines, computers and other important components for daily operation should also be regularly dusted and wiped down to prevent the growth of bacteria and help keep everything in working order.

Overall, keeping a clean workspace with commercial cleaning services can yield tremendous benefits in terms of maintaining a welcoming and functional environment for your operations. In the long run, the investment in commercial cleaning services can help extend the service life of office equipment and furnishings, thereby saving a company a significant amount of money.

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