Over the past two decades, our company has provided many church cleaning services to Grand Rapids area churches. A big part of cleaning a church typically involves cleaning and maintaining their floors. Here are a few church cleaning tips we hope are helpful to church members charged with maintaining their house of worship. 

Tip #1: Ensure the Custodial Operations are Cleaning the Floors Properly.  There is much more to church cleaning than taking out the trash and keeping the toilets clean.  Don’t accept minimal service. Making sure that vacuuming is completed regularly,  especially by the entryways, is very important. If the church has a gymnasium, it is  important that the floor be swept, mopped or mechanically scrubbed according to the  specifications of the floor manufacturer (VCT floors require very different cleaning than  wood floors – but all gym floors require regular cleaning!). The custodial team should  recognize the key role they play in maintaining the floors. 

church gymnasium cleaning

Tip #2: Develop a Deep Cleaning Plan for the Carpet – and Keep to It!  Many churches have a diverse set of missions that involve serving both their members and the broader community. This being the case, there are many demands on their budgets. It is often tempting to cut the facility cleaning and maintenance budget,  especially if things “still look okay”. However, it is a mistake to take this approach – and will often end up costing the church more down the road. 

Church carpets should be deep cleaned at least annually and more if the congregation uses the church throughout the week. Salt and soils are tracked-in from the parking lot and work their way into the carpet fiber. These tiny sharp particles will cut the carpet fibers and as people walk on the carpets, it will accelerate wear, taking years of life from your carpets.  Installing new carpet is both expensive and disruptive to the use of the facility – it is far more cost-effective to regularly deep clean your carpets. 

Tip #3: Use a Professional Church Cleaning Service that is Bonded and Insured.  Many companies claim to be able to provide all sorts of specialized cleaning services.  Then, they run to the hardware store and buy the wrong type of cleaning chemicals for  your floor and the damage can be catastrophic. Ironically, this is also the type of  company least likely to buy insurance. Low bid is rarely the best way to select a cleaning  company – keep the price in the context of the company’s experience and reputation for  quality work. Asking for photos of past jobs and customer testimonials is a good idea.

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