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A school environment is naturally busy, and maintaining a clean educational facility is necessary and conducive to a better learning environment. With a significant number of people occupying the same space daily, though, it can be challenging to keep up with the required cleaning. That is why hiring commercial cleaners can be beneficial to your students and your school.

Commercial cleaning companies in Grand Rapids often have campus cleaning services tailored for schools, colleges, daycares and other educational facilities. They employ highly skilled professionals to perform anything from regular cleaning to deep cleaning.

The Importance of Having a Clean Campus and School

A clean educational facility provides students and staff with a comfortable environment conducive to teaching and learning. Here are a few reasons why you need to have a clean campus:

  • Safety: Cleaning reduces the accumulation of viruses and bacteria. When a school is not properly cleaned, germs can quickly spread and cause sickness. This is especially true in schools with younger children who want to touch everything.
  • Better learning:  A clean and organized environment allows students to focus easily on tasks and lessons, making teaching and learning more effective.
  • Facility upkeep: Regular cleaning helps ensure the facilities and school equipment stay in good condition for longer. Cleaning is a vital part of maintenance that can prevent damage and reduce the need for constant replacements.
  • Positive school image: A clean environment encourages students and staff to be proud of their school. It can also make a good impression on visitors by creating a welcoming atmosphere.
  • Creating good habits: Children can learn good habits by being exposed to a clean environment. They will be more likely to respect their space and can use hygienic practices like picking up trash in their personal lives.
  • More productive staff: A clean and healthy environment can help decrease the likelihood of your staff getting ill. This will allow teachers to do their jobs to the best of their abilities and reduce the number of days they miss classes due to illness.

Three Reasons Why You Should Hire a Commercial Cleaning Company

Campus and school cleaning is a job that demands a level of efficiency you can only get from commercial cleaning. Here are three reasons why you should outsource your cleaning to a commercial cleaning company.

1. Expert Cleaning Services

Commercial cleaning companies employ professional cleaners who have significant experience and expertise to ensure the job is done effectively. Dust and other contaminants can settle on hard-to-reach places or go unnoticed, resulting in allergy and asthma flare-ups among students and staff. Carpets are often filled with debris and allergens. Vacuuming is a good method of cleaning but it only gets rid of dirt on the surface.

Professional cleaners have the necessary equipment and skills for deep effective cleaning. You can employ a commercial cleaning company to thoroughly disinfect an entire facility, which can combat the viruses and bacteria contributing to students and staff developing sickness.

2. Consistency

Campus and school cleaning needs to be done regularly and correctly every time. Hiring a commercial cleaning company means you get quality cleaning as often as required. Professional cleaners are trained to provide their service at a high standard using top-of-the-line equipment. Regular cleaning prolongs the life of facilities and school equipment.

A commercial cleaning company is flexible and can work around your schedule. They will often be able to work when students and staff are not present to avoid disrupting during learning hours.  And when a custodian falls ill, they are better positioned to quickly implement a coverage plan to ensure key tasks are completed.

3. Save Time & Money

Hiring commercial cleaners will allow your staff to focus on their main responsibilities. When your staff is confident that their classes and offices will be cleaned, they will spend less time worrying about tasks like sweeping or dusting. Their time will be spent focusing on getting their work done efficiently.

Corporate Cleaning & Facility Services also offers facility services that can save a school a lot of money.  These include tasks such changing light bulbs, reattaching locker doors and even basic plumbing repairs of drinking fountains, sinks and toilets.  And when more complex repairs are required, we have a list of approved professional vendors that respond quickly to cost effectively get the job done right. Our team coordinates the scheduling of the repair work to free up time from school administrators.

Professional School and Campus Cleaning in Grand Rapids

If you’re looking for a commercial cleaning company in Grand Rapids, Corporate Cleaning & Facility Services is a perfect choice. We offer commercial cleaning services for schools of every size and type. Indeed our client list spans from kindergarten up to and including universities.  Our skilled cleaners provide general cleaning for high-traffic schools that need regular service and maintenance. To combat the spread of illness, our staff follow a structured cleaning protocol designed to break the chain of infection – and also use the Clorox Total 360™ system to effectively remove harmful germs and bacteria.

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