How Often do you need to clean your commercial carpets

Your carpet is one of the first things people encounter when they visit your facility. Its appearance can tell visitors more about your organization than you expect. A clean, well-looked-after carpet shows visitors you pay attention to even the smallest details.

Creating a carpet cleaning schedule depends on everything from how you use your building to your region’s climate. You should get commercial carpet cleaners to professionally wash your carpets in Grand Rapids at least once a year. Our guide below looks at the factors influencing how often you should get your carpets deep cleaned.

Benefits of Clean Carpets

Carpets are an often-overlooked part of cleaning. However, your carpeting can significantly affect your clients and employees. When visitors enter your building, your carpet is part of their first impression. If it looks brand-new, that can signify your professionalism and credibility. Taking pride in your establishment’s appearance shows you are detail-oriented, instilling confidence and trust.

On top of making an excellent first impression on clients, cleaning your carpets benefits your employees’ health and safety. Regular cleaning can reduce indoor air pollution by eliminating contaminants trapped in your carpet, reducing the allergic reactions and respiratory irritation employees experience. It can also slow the spread of harmful bacteria and other pathogens that can cause illness.

A clean working environment, including carpets, can improve employee productivity. By improving air quality and reducing pathogens, your staff may be healthier and less susceptible to absenteeism. Working in a clean environment also boosts morale and allows your team to focus on their tasks.

how often should you clean commercial carpets

How Often Should You Clean Commercial Carpets? 

There is no single, easy answer to this question. Several factors will influence how frequently you wash your carpet. These factors include how you use your building, its foot traffic level and even your region’s climate. Other essential elements include your carpet type and if you use protective mats. 

Building Use

Building use plays a significant role in your carpet cleaning schedule. For example, a restaurant carpet will require more frequent cleaning than an office building. Some organizations must also follow specific regulations that mandate how often to clean and disinfect, including the flooring.  

  • Office building: Carpets in office buildings need professional deep cleanings at least every six months, depending on climate, the position of your office and foot traffic level. 
  • Restaurants and bars: Food service businesses must follow specific health and safety regulations, including cleaning the flooring. These carpets need cleaning at least every three months. 
  • Retail stores: Carpets in shops require professional cleaning every three to six months, depending on the number of shoppers. 
  • Medical facilities: Strict sanitation regulations dictate carpet cleaning in medical facilities. You should schedule a professional deep clean every two to three months to eliminate germs and bacteria. 
  • Schools: Due to high foot traffic, school carpets require cleaning every three to six months. 
  • Places of worship: Most church carpets need annual professional cleaning, with preventive touch-ups throughout the year. Clean higher-traffic areas more regularly. 

Carpet Style and Color 

There is a nearly endless variety of carpet styles, colors and types. The design, density, pile type and nap will guide your carpet cleaning decisions. Dirt, stains and spills will stand out against a lighter-colored carpet. As a result, light carpets will need more frequent cleanings. Carpets with bright colors will dull quickly, so they will also need more regular attention. 

A carpet’s nap and density are also essential considerations when deciding on a cleaning schedule. A dense carpet with a high nap will trap more dirt easily, requiring frequent professional deep cleanings. Dark-colored carpets with a short nap and lower density need less maintenance. 

Foot Traffic

The more use a carpet sees, the dirtier it will get. Carpets in heavily trafficked areas need more maintenance than those in low-traffic areas. There are two reasons for this. First, high foot traffic means the carpet gets dirty quickly. Secondly, it means more people are likely to see your carpet and notice its cleanliness.

Climate and Seasonal Changes

The climate in your region will impact carpet cleanliness. For example, Grand Rapids has snowy winters, which results in employees, students and shoppers tracking in debris like road salt. During winter in Michigan, you should clean your carpet more often than during summer. 

If your carpets are outside, they will also require more frequent cleaning, especially when it is dry and dusty or there is a lot of precipitation. 

Commercial Mats

Commercial-grade walkout mats can significantly affect how often you clean your carpets. Walkout mats encourage visitors to wipe dirt off their feet before they reach your carpet, resulting in less damage to your carpet. Using walkout mats in high-traffic areas can reduce the need for carpet cleaning. 

What to Do Between Professional Cleans 

Between regular professional deep cleans, you can still take measures to maintain your carpets’ cleanliness. Vacuuming and cleaning spots and spills can keep your carpet in good repair for longer. 

  1. Vacuuming: Daily vacuuming can keep your carpet fresh without commercial cleaning equipment. It removes any dirt and dust before it settles and becomes a larger problem. Vacuuming can also help you get rid of any lingering odors. 
  2. Spot cleaning: Clean any spills or heavy dirt as soon as possible. The earlier you treat a spot, the less likely it is to stain and leave a noticeable mark. You can combine vacuuming and spot cleaning. To keep your carpets fresh and bright, ask your janitorial team to check for spots when they vacuum so they can address them immediately. 
Intermediate-Level Disinfection

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services in Grand Rapids, Mich.

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