benefits of outsourcing cleaning

Ensuring proper cleaning and maintenance in your facility can use up a lot of internal resources. Learn why outsourcing cleaning services might be the right choice for you, and why you can expect these 6 benefits. 

  1. Cleaning Protocols for a Healthy Environment

Cleaning has come a long way from the days when simply ‘cleaning from top to bottom’ was enough to consider a job well done. Professional cleaning companies train their cleaners to use professional grade chemicals and machines to break the chain of infection.  Corporate Cleaning & Facility Services’ managers have completed the CloroxPro HealthyClean Specialist course and design cleaning processes at your facility with your health in mind.  Healthy cleaning methods have also been shown to improve overall IAQ (Indoor Air Quality).  A healthier environment raises employee morale and lowers absenteeism.

  1. Operational Excellence (Backed by Systems)

It is well understood that even a small Starbuck’s location has an efficiency advantage over a single location shop.  Professional Cleaning Companies also have an efficiency advantage by harnessing systems for documenting work processes, ordering supplies, tracking equipment maintenance, standardizing inspection processes, HR, and more. Corporate Cleaning & Facility Services utilizes a state-of-the-art operating system that empowers our staff by ensuring they always have the information, equipment and supplies needed to work efficiently.  We also utilize an inspection system to hold ourselves accountable for consistently delivering a quality service.

  1. Accountability for Results – Without the Politics

Depending on how a company is organized, it can be challenging politically to hold an in-house cleaning team accountable.  Different departments often have dissimilar expectations regarding what the scope of work should be.  This can result in non-value added debates about how to allocate cost centers – and some groups may even end up taking on cleaning tasks to avoid charges. Outsourcing cleaning services eliminates these painful discussions. We can tell you how long it takes to clean different areas of your facility.  If a different division wants a different scope of work, we are happy to accommodate that with a price that accurately reflects the cost of service.  We proactively inspect our work at a regular cadence to ensure we maintain an excellent level of service.  We welcome feedback so we can serve you better – for us feedback isn’t political, it’s good business.

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  1. Partners in Facility Management

Most in-house cleaning teams are limited to performing janitorial tasks.  They are not trained to recognize potential problem areas with your facility or provide feedback on maintenance-oriented services.  We have seen too many cases where in-house cleaning protocols were not appropriately designed for the facility’s floors and it resulted in easily avoided damage. Corporate Cleaning & Facility Services has a dedicated Technical Cleaning Team that is IICRC Certified in deep cleaning carpets and has expertise in maintaining a broad variety of floors, including tile & grout, VCT, LVT, wood, cement and rubber.  When we inspect your facility for custodial excellence, we will also be on the look-out for potential maintenance issues – and addressing these early can save you thousands of dollars.

  1. Limit Your Liability

If you clean in-house, you are responsible for personnel accidents and property damage that may happen on the job.  A professional cleaning company carries insurance and has safety protocols in place (training, signage, PPE, et al) to minimize risk.  Corporate Cleaning & Facility Services is bonded and insured.  We will do the work safely, but we are also insured against the myriad risks in the workplace.

  1. Focusing on What We Do Best Yields Results

Cleaning is not your company’s business; it is a cost center.  It takes time and energy to manage it effectively and accountability can be a struggle. Our customers consistently tell us that outsourcing to us has meant they can spend more time on higher value added activities – and that they receive more positive feedback on the cleanliness of their facilities.  Most of our customers have been with us for years. How do we achieve service excellence? Yes, our systems are important.  Even more important, is how we take care of our employees.  We pay above market wages, invest in training, equip our team with the best tools in the industry and treat them with respect.  As a result, we have turnover levels far below industry average and are able to achieve a higher level of service.

Outsource Your Facility Cleaning To Corporate Cleaning & Facility Services

If you want to reap the benefits above and more, outsource your cleaning needs to Corporate Cleaning & Facility Services. With best-in-class cleaning technology and highly trained staff, we deliver the highest quality commercial cleaning to any facility we touch. Contact us today to get started.