10 Reasons to Hire Commercial Cleaning Services

If you’re looking for a commercial cleaning service provider, you should know about the best possible features they offer. This kind of cleaning is an invaluable third-party service, but before you commit to hiring one, it’s helpful to understand which type of commercial cleaning would benefit your company the most. If you’re not yet convinced that you need to hire a cleaning service provider, you may wonder how such a service can help at all.

Keep reading for more information about why businesses should hire professional cleaners and the cleaning techniques available with a compatible service.

What Is Commercial Cleaning?

These cleaning companies provide third-party cleaning services to other businesses in a variety of industries, sanitizing and deodorizing retail stores, offices, restaurants and factories. A commercial cleaner can also provide services for new real estate or private residences, but its services are usually targeted at companies with large facilities.

While cleaning may involve relatively simple tasks like dusting and emptying garbage bins, it also involves complex responsibilities like cleaning the windows of tall buildings and disinfecting public customer areas. The kinds of cleaning services provided vary depending on each client.

How Does Commercial Cleaning Differ From Residential Cleaning?

If you’re looking for a service that specializes in cleaning businesses, it’s best to avoid a company advertising strictly residential services. These cleaning services specialize in cleaning home spaces, like bedrooms and family rooms. The average commercial space is larger and requires more thorough cleaning to keep employees and customers safe.

Generally, commercial cleaning services differ from residential cleaning in the following ways:

  • Focus on cleaning businesses and public spaces instead of homes or apartments
  • Use specialized and unique tools and cleaners
  • Cover a larger, sometimes more convoluted space

Types of Commercial Cleaning Services

Types of Commercial Cleaning Services

Compared to residential cleaning services, industrial cleaning involves a few specific options and techniques to meet the needs of commercial clients. A few types of commercial cleaning services include:

  • Waste cleanup: This service involves collecting and disposing of various wastes and debris, like trash from several offices in a building.
  • Hazardous waste cleanup: The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) designates certain kinds of waste as hazardous. A cleaning company that handles hazardous wastes must to know how to properly get rid of chemicals and industrial solvents.
  • Deep cleaning: These cleaning practices thoroughly sanitize workstations and customer areas to prevent the spread of germs. For example, deep cleaning involves sanitizing high-touch areas such as tables or desks, washing inner and outer window panels and shampooing the carpet.

Why You Should Hire a Commercial Cleaning Company

There are numerous benefits of using a professional cleaning service, and many companies see it as the most cost-effective, efficient way to maintain their commercial spaces. Here are 10 ways a commercial cleaning service can be a great option for your company:

1. Use of Industrial Cleaning Equipment

When you partner with a commercial service for work areas, the commercial-grade cleaning equipment used to sanitize your business is of the highest quality. For example, instead of tasking an employee with using a standard vacuum cleaner to sweep up the office, you can have a commercial service use a floor scrubber or carpet extractor.

Ultimately, you’ll save money on expensive cleaning supplies by hiring professionals who bring everything they need to you. These tools are expensive to purchase yourself. If you rent the equipment, your staff might be unfamiliar with how to use it appropriately. Choosing a professional team from the get-go is the best way to get quality services without spending extra money on equipment.

If your building requires the use of special cleaning equipment like carpet cleaning machines, floor polishers and water-fed poles, a third-party cleaning service can go a long way.

2. Relying on Strong Cleaning Solutions

Many domestic solutions are weaker in comparison to what the professionals use. Although weak cleaning chemicals are widely available, they might be less than ideal for thoroughly cleaning your business. The professionals will dilute their own industry-grade solutions based on a specific measurement intended for their safe use, ensuring your space is sanitized properly.

Why You Should Hire a Commercial Cleaning Company

3. Maintaining Work Area Cleanliness

A third-party industrial cleaning service can keep your building consistently clean. It’s important to keep your customers, clients and employees satisfied with the cleanliness of your building. When a professional team conducts personalized cleanings on a daily or weekly basis, you can rest assured your commercial space will remain spotless. This consistency helps your company abide by cleanliness regulations, as well.

4. Regularly Scheduled Cleaning and Maintenance

The cleaners you hire can enter your business on a set schedule that you choose, and you don’t need to be present to supervise them. At the agreed-upon time, they’ll arrive at your building and carry out the cleaning techniques you requested to keep your space sparkling clean. This gives you the freedom to focus on other business or personal tasks as they do what they do best.

5. Private Insurance, Benefits and Claims

A cleaning company has its own insurance for its workers. With the third party handling worker’s compensation insurance claims, you have less to worry about when it comes to potential liabilities — just make sure you hire a company instead of a sole proprietor. When you have a trusted cleaning team on your side, you can rest assured they’re getting the job done in the safest and most responsible way possible.

6. Relying on Trained Workers

Relying on your own staff to clean usually results in the cleaning tasks getting neglected during busy periods or when you’re short-staffed. Further, you should note that your employees have their own work duties to complete. Asking them to help clean certain areas of the building is likely outside of their expected job responsibilities — even if they’re part of the administrative staff.

The best way to ensure your commercial area remains in top shape is to hire a professional industrial cleaning team. These trained cleaners use their own equipment and methods to achieve the best results for their clients. This way, you can keep your employees on-task and productive and enjoy the professional results of a cleaning service at the same time.

7. Needing to Use Workers Familiar With Hazmat Conditions

Many businesses require the safe disposal of hazardous materials. These can be chemical wastes from a lab that could negatively impact the environment or used needles from a doctor’s office that could spread disease if improperly discarded. A cleaning company with extensive training in disposing of hazardous materials can help.

If your business handles any hazardous materials, you’ll need to work with a cleaning company with trained professionals who use the appropriate hygiene and disposal protocols. This will ensure all of your employees stay safe and biohazards are properly cleared from your property according to OSHA regulations.

8. Maintaining Hygiene Regulations

If your business has a kitchen or food processing area, a cleaning company can keep conditions hygienic so you can pass food safety inspections. A hospital or other medical facility also has hygiene procedures and standards that a well-trained cleaning crew can abide by. The specialists who clean your space can use special cleaning solutions or tools to ensure the safety of the public and your employees.

9. Boosting Your Company’s Reputation

When you have consistently excellent hygiene standards, your clients and customers will notice. Even if you work in an industry that lacks strict health and safety regulations, it’s still a good idea to use a professional cleaning service to ensure the customer’s experience is positive. It’ll also keep your staff happy with their work environment.

10. Protecting Your Company From Lawsuits

Using a third-party cleaning company can protect your business from claims related to cleanliness, hygiene or sanitation practices. If you ever face the threat of a related lawsuit, you’ll have evidence your building is regularly sanitized and kept to the highest cleanliness standards.

Having reliably clean floors and working surfaces is essential for legal purposes. The use of a cleaning company shows you care about your employees’ working conditions and your customers’ safety.

Types of Commercial Cleaning Services

When you hire a commercial cleaner, you get much more than a one-size-fits-all service — your business will have different cleaning needs depending on the layout of your facilities and other factors. Therefore, you can request specific services that meet all of your most important needs.

Here are a few examples of cleaning services a commercial company may provide:

1. Building Disinfection

A team of professional cleaners can disinfect all working surfaces, railings, reception spaces, floors and other sections of your business. A disinfection service keeps your business’s overall environment healthy and safe, leading to fewer sick and absent employees.

Many businesses must also abide by cleanliness standards to stay in operation. If you require disinfection services for the routine cleansing of your building, it’s best to use a commercial cleaning service.

2. Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Shampooing the carpeting in the many rooms of an office can take a long time when you’re using a machine designed for a residence. Using a standard carpet cleaning machine might leave spots and a noticeable dimness in your carpets.

Fortunately, commercial cleaners have the right equipment and techniques to quickly wash large carpeted areas, leaving your carpet clean, sanitized and ready for the heavy foot traffic it regularly gets. With a combination of vacuuming, hot water, agitation, strong chemical treatment and speed drying technology, your carpets will continue to look new even after heavy use.

3. Hard Floor Care

If you have a flooring type such as tile or vinyl, you should work with cleaners who know which solvents work the best on that kind of material. The grout around tile can quickly take on a dark stain after regular treatment with standard cleaning methods. However, a pre-treatment using high-alkaline chemicals followed by a deep cleaning is usually enough to remove an unattractive stain on your tile floors.

For hardwood or another type of flooring that requires special attention, it’s especially important to work with reputable cleaners who will use only the best methods. A high-quality hard floor service is ideal.

4. Window Washing

If your building has large windows several stories off the ground, commercial cleaners can use special window washing equipment to clean the glass efficiently. This is a time-consuming process that can be dangerous without the right gear and expertise. Keep your building’s windows clean and in great condition by hiring a professional crew to do it for you.

5. Custodial Services

If your building requires general cleanings, basic custodial and janitorial services are a good fit. This option includes using effective cleaning products on the hard surfaces in your building, which are the most prone to touch. While you can request the cleaners use specific products, you can trust that all of the cleaning products they use conform to high standards. 

These services also include:

  • Cleaning the floors: Likely, your floors receive plenty of foot traffic from staff and visitors. Even if your carpet appears clean, it can contain all kinds of debris without regular maintenance. Hire a crew to properly clean and dry your flooring to ensure your floors are sanitized yet remain protected with the proper cleaning methods.
  • Window and glass cleaning: If you have several glass panels inside your building, like mirrors, aquariums or glass casings, it can benefit you to have a professional treat smudges and streaks that appear on the glass. A cleaner will wipe windows and other glass surfaces to get them sparkling and looking brand new.
  • Special circumstances and other cleaning needs: If you have a unique cleaning need, you can mention it during your consultation to see if the service can handle it for you. The right company will be flexible and knowledgeable enough to accommodate your needs or offer an alternative solution.
Have Our Professional Team Clean Your Space

Have Our Professional Team Clean Your Space

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